Date Announcement
Jul 19 Amazon Comprehend Custom Entities now supports multiple entity types
Jul 19 AWS Device Farm improves device start up time to enable instant access to devices
Jul 19 Elastic Fabric Adapter is officially integrated into Libfabric Library
Jul 19 SageMaker Batch Transform now enables associating prediction results with input attributes
Jul 19 Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is Now Available in EU (London) Region
Jul 19 Amazon ECR now supports increased repository and image limits
Jul 19 Amazon Inspector is now available in the Europe (Stockholm) Region
Jul 19 AWS CodePipeline Achieves HIPAA Eligibility
Jul 19 Discovering Documents Made Easy in AWS Systems Manager Automation
Jul 19 Amazon EC2 AMD Instances are Now Available in additional regions
Jul 19 AWS Migration Hub Now Supports Import of On-Premises Server and Application Data From RISC Networks to Plan and Track Migration Progress
Jul 18 AWS Cost Explorer now Supports Usage-Based Forecasts Blog
Jul 18 AWS Cost Explorer now Supports Usage-Based Forecasts Blog
Jul 17 EC2 Hibernation feature is now available to customers in the Europe (Stockholm) and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) AWS Regions
Jul 17 AWS Direct Connect Now Supports Resource Based Authorization, Tag Based Authorization, and Tag on Resource Creation
Jul 16 Introducing the Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider (ACCP) for Improved Cryptography Performance
Jul 15 AWS Resource Groups and AWS Resource Groups Tag Editor Now Supports Additional AWS Resources
Jul 12 AWS VPC CNI Version 1.5.0 Now Default for Amazon EKS Clusters
Jul 12 Kinesis Video Streams adds support for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and H.265 video
Jul 12 New AWS Public Datasets Available from Facebook, Yale, Allen Institute for Brain Science, NOAA, and others
Jul 12 Amazon EC2 I3en Instances are Now Available in US West (N. California) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions
Jul 12 Announcing the availability of Amazon Kinesis Video Producer SDK in C
Jul 12 AWS RoboMaker announces support for Robot Operating System (ROS) Melodic
Jul 12 AWS Elemental MediaConvert Now Ingests Files from HTTPS Sources
Jul 12 AWS Glue is now available in the AWS South America (Sao Paulo) Region