Date Announcement
Dec 02 AWS Managed Services (AMS) supports AWS Outposts
Dec 02 Announcing Three New Digital Courses for AWS Snowcone
Dec 01 Introducing Amazon QuickSight Q: ask questions about your data and get answers in seconds
Dec 01 Amazon AppFlow now provides Amazon Honeycode connectivity to several cloud applications
Dec 01 Introducing new Amazon EBS general purpose volumes, gp3
Dec 01 Amazon Connect Wisdom provides contact center agents the information they need to quickly solve customer issues
Dec 01 Contact Lens for Amazon Connect launches real-time contact center analytics to detect customer issues on live calls
Dec 01 Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer announces Security Detectors to help improve code security
Dec 01 Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL is Available for Preview
Dec 01 AWS Lambda now supports up to 10 GB of memory and 6 vCPU cores for Lambda Functions
Dec 01 Amazon EKS simplifies installation and management for Kubernetes cluster add-ons
Dec 01 Introducing Amazon EKS Distro - an open source Kubernetes distribution used by Amazon EKS.
Dec 01 Amazon EKS adds built-in logging support for AWS Fargate
Dec 01 Announcing AWS Glue Elastic Views Preview
Dec 01 Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol now Generally Available
Dec 01 Amazon Connect Voice ID provides real-time caller authentication for more secure calls
Dec 01 Introducing Amazon Monitron, an end-to-end system to detect abnormal equipment behavior
Dec 01 Amazon Connect Customer Profiles for a unified view of your customers to provide more personalized service
Dec 01 Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Proton
Dec 01 AWS Lambda changes duration billing granularity from 100ms down to 1ms
Dec 01 Integrate Amazon Honeycode with popular SaaS applications, AWS services, and more
Dec 01 AWS Amplify announces new Admin UI
Dec 01 AWS announces AQUA for Amazon Redshift (preview)
Dec 01 Introducing Amazon EC2 M5zn instances, with high frequency processors and 100 Gbps networking
Dec 01 Amazon QuickSight launches new session capacity pricing options, embedding without user management and a developer portal for embedded analytics