Date Announcement
Jun 05 Announcing the General Availability of Amazon EC2 G4dn Bare Metal Instances - GPU instances with up to 8 NVIDIA T4 GPUs
Jun 05 Amazon ECS adds support for AWS PrivateLink in three additional regions
Jun 05 Amazon Augmented AI enables quality control via metadata for customers using a private workforce
Jun 04 Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Global Database Supports Managed Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Jun 04 Amazon Aurora Supports PostgreSQL Versions 11.7, 10.12, and 9.6.17, and Adds Global Database for PostgreSQL 11.7
Jun 04 Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports T3.large Instances
Jun 04 Now Available, Amazon EC2 C5a instances featuring 2nd Generation AMD EPYC Processors
Jun 04 Now Install Custom Kernels and Data Science Libraries on EMR clusters directly from EMR Notebooks
Jun 04 Amazon Aurora Serverless with PostgreSQL compatibility now available in Europe (Frankfurt)
Jun 04 AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces General Availability of Amazon Linux 2 Based Tomcat platforms
Jun 04 Real-time anomaly detection support in Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Jun 04 WebM outputs with VP8 and VP9 video now available with AWS Elemental MediaConvert
Jun 03 AWS CloudFormation Resource Import now supports CloudFormation Registry types
Jun 03 Introducing AWS CloudEndure Migration Factory Solution
Jun 03 AWS Config Supports 9 New Managed Rules
Jun 03 AWS Config adds conformance pack for NIST CSF operational best practices
Jun 03 AWS Auto Scaling is Now Available in 7 additional AWS Regions Worldwide and Offers Predictive Scaling for Amazon EC2
Jun 03 Amazon QuickSight now available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region
Jun 03 AWS Direct Connect enables Failover Testing
Jun 03 Database Activity Streams now available for Aurora with MySQL compatibility
Jun 03 Amazon RDS for MySQL supports minor version 8.0.19
Jun 03 Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M now qualified for use with FreeRTOS and available for use with AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration
Jun 03 Tighten S3 permissions for your IAM users and roles using access history of S3 actions
Jun 03 Announcing Cross-Cluster Search support for Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Jun 03 AWS DeepComposer announces autoregressive CNN algorithm for generating compositions and an associated learning capsule to understand the machine learning concepts