Date Announcement
Sep 23 Amazon Textract announces updates to the text extraction feature
Sep 22 Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler launches new advanced settings for Amazon Athena data sources
Sep 22 Amazon Polly NTTS voices now available in the AWS Europe (Paris) Region
Sep 22 Introducing the Smart City Competency program
Sep 22 Amazon FSx for Windows File Server now provides additional performance metrics and enhanced monitoring dashboard
Sep 21 AWS IoT SiteWise now supports definition of asset measurement units at the asset level
Sep 21 Amazon SageMaker Autopilot experiments are now up to 8X faster with new ‘Ensemble’ training mode powered by AutoGluon
Sep 21 Amazon CloudWatch Evidently adds support for Client Side Evaluations for AWS Lambda (powered by AWS AppConfig)
Sep 21 Announcing preview of AWS DataSync Discovery
Sep 21 Amazon EMR Studio is now available in Amazon Web Services China Regions
Sep 21 AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region
Sep 21 Amazon Route 53 announces support for DNS resource record set permissions
Sep 21 AWS Comprehend now supports synchronous processing for targeted sentiment
Sep 21 AWS Health Dashboard displays localized dates and times for Service Health events
Sep 21 Amazon S3 on Outposts now supports object versioning
Sep 21 Announcing availability of AWS Outposts rack in Kazakhstan and Serbia
Sep 21 AWS CloudFormation event notifications is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region
Sep 20 AWS CloudTrail Lake now supports import of CloudTrail Logs from Amazon S3
Sep 20 Amazon Corretto 19 is now generally available
Sep 20 Announcing local clusters for Amazon EKS on Outposts
Sep 20 Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning is now available through SageMaker Search
Sep 20 AWS IoT Device Management Secure Tunneling now supports simultaneous TCP connections
Sep 20 Amazon Polly adds Cantonese language support
Sep 19 Amazon EMR on EKS now supports Spark SQL through the StartJobRun API
Sep 19 Easily install and update the CloudWatch Agent with Quick Setup