Date Announcement
Feb 08 Amazon GuardDuty now available in AWS Europe (Spain) Region
Feb 08 Amazon ElastiCache for Redis now supports auto scaling in six new regions
Feb 08 Amazon EC2 R6gd instances now available in AWS Region Europe (London)
Feb 08 Amazon Polly launches two new Japanese NTTS voices
Feb 08 AWS CloudFormation announces spotlight for latest news on CloudFormation features, blogs, and workshops
Feb 07 AWS announces new AWS Direct Connect location in Kolkata, India
Feb 07 Amazon RDS for MySQL supports new minor versions 5.7.41 and 8.0.32
Feb 07 AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Management customer portal
Feb 07 Amazon Kendra now available in Asia-Pacific (Tokyo) AWS region
Feb 07 AWS DataSync is now available in 3 additional AWS Regions
Feb 06 Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports seg extension
Feb 06 Amazon Fraud Detector introduces Cold Start model training for customers with limited historical data
Feb 06 AWS Systems Manager Change Manager now supports a more flexible way of approving change requests
Feb 06 Amazon EC2 C7g metal instances are now available
Feb 06 AWS Firewall Manager is now available in the Asia Pacific (Jakarta) and Middle East (UAE) Regions
Feb 06 AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar now provides a more comprehensive calendar view of operational events
Feb 06 AWS SimSpace Weaver now supports CloudFormation
Feb 06 Amazon EC2 High Memory instances are now available in South America (Sao Paulo) region
Feb 06 Amazon CloudWatch now supports high resolution metric extraction from structured logs
Feb 06 AWS Glue Crawlers now support MongoDB Atlas
Feb 06 Amazon EKS is now available in Europe (Zurich), Europe (Spain), and Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) AWS Regions
Feb 06 AWS Elemental MediaTailor now supports fast schedule updates in Channel Assembly
Feb 03 Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports additional cipher suites for OEM Agent and SSL option
Feb 03 Amazon EC2 Mac instances now support replacing root volumes for quick instance restoration
Feb 03 AWS SAM CLI introduces ‘sam list’ command to inspect AWS SAM resources