Date Announcement
Feb 26 AWS Config now supports Amazon container services
Feb 26 Support for AS923-1 frequency band is now generally available for AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN
Feb 26 AWS Launch Wizard now allows you to specify IP addresses for SAP deployments
Feb 25 AWS Elemental MediaTailor now supports many media origins and paths within a single configuration with Configuration Aliases
Feb 25 New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer - JumpStart for Amazon Textract
Feb 25 Updated digital course on Coursera and edX - AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
Feb 25 New digital class and lab on DevOps on AWS
Feb 24 AWS Network Firewall Deployment Automations for AWS Transit Gateway is Generally Available
Feb 24 Announcing two new on-demand digital courses for Media Services
Feb 24 New digital curriculum: Build Modern Apps with Purpose-Built Databases
Feb 24 Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports rollups, reducing storage costs for extended retention
Feb 24 Automate quality inspection with Amazon Lookout for Vision — now generally available
Feb 24 Amazon RDS now supports PostgreSQL 13
Feb 24 AWS Transfer Family is now available in AWS Middle East (Bahrain), AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and AWS Africa (Cape Town) Regions
Feb 23 Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling now shows scaling history for deleted groups
Feb 23 New troubleshooting feature now generally available for AWS IoT Events
Feb 23 AWS Database Migration Service now supports MariaDB version 10.5
Feb 23 Introducing our new Solutions Training for Partners: Sales Best Practices courses
Feb 23 Access Amazon EFS file systems from EC2 Mac instances running macOS Big Sur
Feb 23 Amazon EC2 Mac Instances now support macOS Big Sur
Feb 23 Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Always On Availability Groups for Standard Edition
Feb 23 New AWS Solutions Implementation: IoT Static IP Endpoints
Feb 23 Amazon Elasticsearch Service add support for Reporting in Kibana
Feb 23 Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Patches 1.8.1 / 2.6.2 / 3.3.2 now available
Feb 23 Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for Amazon DynamoDB now supports AWS CloudFormation