Date Announcement
Apr 16 AWS CloudFormation ChangeSets now offer enhanced change visibility for deployments
Apr 16 Amazon Cognito is now available in Europe (Spain) Region
Apr 16 Monitor internet outage using the weather map in CloudWatch Internet Monitor
Apr 16 AWS Network Manager is now available in AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region
Apr 16 Amazon Athena announces federated query pass-through
Apr 16 Amazon Cognito is now available in Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)
Apr 16 Amazon MWAA adds larger environment sizes
Apr 16 Amazon Corretto April, 2024 quarterly updates
Apr 16 Announcing the AWS Well-Architected Tool Connector for Jira
Apr 16 Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus model now available on Amazon Bedrock
Apr 15 Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 23.2
Apr 15 Amazon RDS for Oracle supports managed Oracle Data Guard Switchover and Automated Backups for replicas in additional regions
Apr 15 Amazon RDS for SQL supports minor version 2022 CU12
Apr 15 Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle now supports Oracle Database Standard Edition 2
Apr 15 Amazon MSK is now available in Canada West (Calgary) Region
Apr 15 Amazon RDS for Oracle extends support for x2iedn in additional AWS regions
Apr 15 Amazon QuickSight now supports account instances of IAM Identity Center
Apr 15 AWS HealthOmics announces support for reading sequence stores through Amazon S3 APIs
Apr 15 AWS PrivateLink now supports Amazon QuickSight
Apr 12 AWS KMS announces more flexible automatic key rotation
Apr 12 AWS Resource Explorer is now available in 10 additional AWS Regions
Apr 12 AWS Step Functions Announces Optimized Integration for AWS Elemental MediaConvert
Apr 12 Amazon Detective supports investigations for GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring
Apr 12 AWS Elemental MediaTailor now supports HLS Interstitials for VOD streams
Apr 12 AWS Transfer Family supports self-signed TLS certificates, 3DES encryption for sending AS2 messages