Date Announcement
Sep 18 AWS Secrets Manager has been OSPAR assessed and approved
Sep 18 Amazon AppFlow now supports AWS CloudFormation
Sep 18 Amazon CloudWatch Agent is now Open Source and included with Amazon Linux 2
Sep 18 Amazon EKS is now available in the AWS US West (N. California) Region
Sep 18 Amazon Kendra now supports custom tags for FAQs
Sep 18 AWS IoT Greengrass introduces System Health Telemetry, adds new Stream Manager features, and support for Python 3.8
Sep 18 Amazon Pinpoint now supports up to 250 attributes per endpoint
Sep 18 AWS CodeCommit is now available in the EU (Milan) region
Sep 18 Host Recovery for Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts is now available in the AWS South Africa (Cape Town) and AWS Europe (Milan) regions
Sep 18 Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) on SQL Server 2016
Sep 17 Amazon Comprehend now helps you mask personally identifiable information from text documents
Sep 17 Amazon API Gateway now supports mutual TLS authentication
Sep 17 Amazon Transcribe announces Channel Identification support for streaming audio
Sep 17 Amazon Connect launches APIs that list prompts within your instance
Sep 17 Data Lifecycle Manager now supports multiple schedules within in a single lifecycle policy
Sep 17 Amazon Connect launches contact flow management APIs
Sep 17 Amazon Detective is now available in the Africa (Cape Town) & Europe (Milan) Regions
Sep 17 AWS IoT SDK for Embedded C version 202009.00 now available with refactored MQTT, JSON, and AWS IoT device shadow libraries
Sep 17 Elasticsearch Audit Logs now available on Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Sep 17 Amazon Connect launches API to configure routing profiles programmatically
Sep 17 Amazon Detective introduces IAM Role Session Analysis
Sep 17 Amazon Athena is now available in the AWS Europe (Milan) region
Sep 17 AWS Lambda adds console support for visualizing AWS Step Functions workflows
Sep 17 Announcing Aurora Parallel Query region expansion and MySQL 5.7 compatibility
Sep 17 Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports Native Backup/Restore on DB Instances with Read Replicas