Date Announcement
Sep 22 Amazon SNS message data protection can now de-identify outbound messages via redaction or masking
Sep 22 Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) supports in-place major version upgrade
Sep 22 IAM Roles Anywhere is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions
Sep 22 AWS HealthImaging supports CloudFormation
Sep 22 AWS App Runner launches improvements for Auto-Scaling configuration management
Sep 22 Amazon Connect launches CloudFormation support for security profiles
Sep 21 Amazon Corretto 21 is now generally available
Sep 21 Simulate interruptions in your Spot Fleet directly from the Amazon EC2 Console
Sep 20 IAM Roles Anywhere credential helper now supports PKCS #11 modules
Sep 20 Amazon RDS for Oracle supports M6i, R6i, and R5b instances in new regions
Sep 20 AWS Glue Data Quality can now identify records that failed the CustomSQL rule type
Sep 20 AWS Glue Interactive Sessions releases new kernel and support IAM Conditionals
Sep 20 Amazon Location Services announces a price reduction of up to 75% for tracking and geofencing
Sep 20 Amazon CloudWatch adds new Metric Math for RDS Performance Insights
Sep 20 Announcing Swift Package Manager support in AWS CodeArtifact
Sep 20 AWS Cloud Map introduces new API for retrieving service revision
Sep 19 Amazon QuickSight adds new layout and sparkline to KPI visual
Sep 19 Amazon RDS now supports X2iedn instances for SQL Server
Sep 19 Usability improvements and navigation bar enhancements for the AWS Management Console
Sep 19 Announcing general availability of Amazon EC2 M2 Pro Mac instances for macOS
Sep 19 Announcing model retraining for Amazon Lookout for Equipment
Sep 18 Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics announces new Synthetics Python runtime version 2.0
Sep 18 Introducing AWS Telecom Services Competency Partners
Sep 18 Bottlerocket announces new ECS-optimized AMI
Sep 18 Amazon EBS Multi-Attach on io2 volumes now supports NVMe reservations