Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation develops 3D CAD design software, analysis software, and product data management software. DS SolidWorks uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver trials of their flagship software - SOLIDWORKS 2018 CAD Premium, through

"Appstream 2.0 helps our prospects start their SOLIDWORKS trials in seconds through their browser with no downloads or installation on their local computer. Because AppStream 2.0 provides GPU optimized instances, our users have an experience indistinguishable from their local graphics workstation. This reduces the time it takes for users to complete trials of the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, in some cases from weeks to hours."

– Suchit Jain, VP Strategy & Business Development, SOLIDWORKS



MathWorks uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 for hands-on MATLAB Deep Learning workshops with customers. MATLAB is a programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation.

“AppStream 2.0 enables us to instantly deliver MATLAB to our workshop participants. Before using AppStream 2.0, customers had to manage unique software installations on different computers for every workshop. It could take up to 3 days to get everything ready.
Now customers don't have to install or configure anything for a workshop. They simply open a browser on their computer and instantly get started. With AppStream 2.0, we can scale on-demand for any number of customers. AppStream 2.0 reduced the time it took to deploy our workshops by 75%.”

– Roy Lurie, VP of Engineering, MATLAB Products, MathWorks



DiSTI uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver virtual maintenance training solutions powered by the VE Studio platform to Global 500 companies and national defense organizations around the world. Catering to aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, and medical industry cases, the use of AppStream 2.0 has been transformational to clients’ while opening their eyes on how to deliver immersive virtual training to remote markets efficiently and economically. One client calculated over a 66% decrease in training delivery cost from a single course; reducing a traditional 3-day instructor-led technical certification course to 9 hours, while also improving student engagement and efficacy.

"AppStream 2.0 gives our customers an alternative to locally installed applications and training solutions. We needed a solution that delivered a user experience indistinguishable from a powerful desktop or laptop. We had two requirements – to use our existing applications and solutions without rewriting them and to have the ability to centrally manage the experience for a wide variety of global partners and customers. AppStream 2.0 gives our customers the power to remotely run graphically intense virtual training solutions, while efficiently managing content delivery.
Additionally, our sales and engineering teams can now leverage AppStream 2.0 to demonstrate our products and services to prospective buyers – all through an internet browser. With AppStream 2.0, we can show customers how they can reach their students in markets where traditional presentations or classroom delivery is either costly to setup or travel costs are prohibitive. On-site demonstrations used to take days, now we are able to deliver them remotely from our offices, without travel, in a matter of hours. What's not to like?”

– Joe Swinski, President, DiSTI Corporation



AVEVA uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver instant access to AVEVA Everything3D (E3D) in its on-demand self-training platform, AVEVA Experience anytime and anywhere. E3D is a graphics-intensive, 3D engineering design application used around the world for capital projects such as offshore oil facilities and power plants.

“We needed a way for our customers to train new users, retain their essential skills, and learn new skills with E3D. With 4,000+ customers across the globe, we had to standardize our training experience, and ensure it could be securely delivered to any engineer. We knew the cloud was the best way to deliver this, and with AppStream 2.0 we can configure a single instance of E3D and deliver it to any number of engineers training with AVEVA Experience anywhere in the world. Because AppStream 2.0 runs inside their browser, customers don't need to worry about configuring and securing their computers or network. They can immediately start learning E3D with a responsive, fluid experience that is indistinguishable from a native installation on a workstation.”

Patrick Pando, VP Cloud Sales, AVEVA



Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services. Vanguard uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deploy a secure sandbox system that allows internal users to experiment with AWS and software in a safe, isolated environment.

Vanguard: Unlocking Innovation at Vanguard with AWS


Blade Technology

Blade Energy Partners is an independent consulting company that focuses on overcoming the challenges of complex projects in the energy industry. Their team of engineers and scientists provide leading-edge expertise to solve subsurface, drilling, completion, production, and materials challenges. Blade Technology uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely deliver their Tubular Mechanics and Wellbore Heat Transfer desktop application StrinGnosis™ as SaaS to customers around the world.

“Our customers are oil and gas operators with as many as 56,000 employees in secured application environments. On occasion it would take several months for our application to be fully available for trial and even longer to fully deploy it in their environment. We wanted a way to accelerate our application adoption. We reviewed different solutions, but ultimately decided to move forward with a fully managed application streaming service – AppStream 2.0. AppStream 2.0 lets customers instantly trial our software and deploy a secure SaaS solution to any number of users. Now, any customer in the world can get started with our software in minutes, not months.”

– Pete Lumley, Director, Blade Energy Partners



Evari GIS Consulting Inc. (Evari) was founded with the purpose of bringing value to clients through high-quality implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies. Evari leverages the Esri Technology Stack (ArcGIS) and AWS to provide innovative solutions for a broad range of municipal planning, biology, traffic, street lighting, stormwater, utilities, AEC and asset management projects. Evari uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver ArcGIS Pro to a browser on any computer, so their employees can work from anywhere.

“At Evari GIS, we are cloud natives. Since our founding in 2009, Evari GIS has run on AWS. We are confident our commitment to the cloud will continue to be a competitive advantage in the coming years. The GIS market is rapidly evolving with many customers moving to GPU-intensive applications, such as ArcGIS Pro. AppStream 2.0 enabled us to access ArcGIS Pro through any browser on any computer. Our team of consultants simply open a browser and start working. AppStream 2.0 lets us work with customers using ArcGIS Pro from anywhere, and costs at least 70% less than upgrading our current solution. AppStream 2.0 helped us leverage all the advantages of running GIS in the cloud without compromising on price or access to the newest software.”

– Ari Isaak GISP, Founder and CEO, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver Accumark, a 2D and 3D CAD software suite, designed specifically for the fashion and apparel industry. Today, the company provides integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers in the aerospace, construction, furniture, fashion & apparel, transportation, technical textiles, packaging, wind energy and sign & graphics industries, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies in 130 countries.

“Many of our customers were looking for an easier way to adopt our technology, and offering a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for our products was the logical way to address that need. With AppStream 2.0, we have been able to efficiently deliver a cloud-based SaaS solution to customers without rewriting millions of lines of code, while maintaining one version of our application. AppStream 2.0 allows us to rapidly deliver our solution to a global customer base and keep enterprises up to date with the latest software at all times. Using AppStream 2.0 also provides dramatic savings in capital expenses for our customers, who no longer need to manage workstations to run our software, or go through costly software updates. Additionally, we have seen a 95% reduction in time to deliver and implement our solution in a workplace over traditional legacy methods such as physical software distribution channels.”

– Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM, Software Solutions Group

ROK Technologies


ROK Technologies provides organizations over 75 years of combined experience with geo spatial information, including location analytics, support, cloud management, cloud infrastructure and ArcGIS for server hosting. With Amazon AppStream 2.0 and AWS, ROK migrates customers' entire geographic information system (GIS) workflows to the cloud.

“Over the last 10 years, GIS technology evolved from simple desktop apps to powerful GPU based applications with 3D rendering. Today many customers are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, but still run applications like ArcGIS Pro on local computers. This creates two problems for them. First, our customers are mobile and need to work from anywhere. But with GPU based applications becoming the norm, they need to purchase, manage, and operate powerful desktop workstations that aren't mobile. Second, they're spend increasing amounts of time moving 3D GIS data to and from their workstations and the cloud.
AppStream 2.0 solves both of these problems. AppStream 2.0 lets our customers work without workstations. They simply manage their applications on AppStream 2.0 and stream them to a browser on their laptop. Also, AppStream 2.0 helps accelerate our customers' GIS workflows. Because AppStream 2.0 runs on AWS, it provides a direct connection to our customers GIS data and infrastructure in cloud.”

– Jason Harris, CTO, ROK Technologies



BiZZdesign uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver Enterprise Studio, the collaborative business change platform which provides indispensable insights into strategic business initiatives. Enterprise Studio allows its users to manage complexity, understand impact of change, enable transformations, and drive simplicity.

“Enterprise Studio is a Windows based desktop application that is the result of over 20 years of development. BiZZdesign strives to drive simplicity and we want our customers to easily access Enterprise Studio. To achieve this, we knew that we needed to move to the cloud and remove the need for customers to install applications on their desktops. With AppStream 2.0, we have the full functionality of our feature-rich desktop application globally available as an on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in any HTML 5 browser. Now, we can deploy our software for a new customer anywhere in the world in a few minutes, while saving money and time for us and our customers. Using AppStream 2.0 reduced deployment cost by 92%."

– Emiel Schuurman, VP Engineering, BiZZdesign



Compuware uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver Topaz on AWS as the industry's first cloud access to modern mainframe development with a comprehensive suite of mainframe development and testing tools designed to help developers, regardless of experience, understand and work on any program, no matter how old or complex, so companies can easily maintain and innovate with their mainframe investments.

"Topaz makes mainframe development easier for developers by providing a customized IDE, however an individual on-premises enterprise desktop deployment model for Topaz can be time-consuming when customers have hundreds of developers. AppStream 2.0 eliminates this problem. With AppStream 2.0, administrators can configure a single instance of Topaz on AWS and deliver it to any number of developers. By using AppStream 2.0, we reduced the time it took for our customers to deploy Topaz from weeks to minutes.”  

– Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware

Compuware Moves Its Mainframe IDE Software to the Cloud with Amazon AppStream 2.0 (1:31)



Multiview provides powerful, easy-to-use financial applications to enterprises of any size for accounting and financial planning. Using Amazon AppStream 2.0, Multiview developed a robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for their customers. AppStream 2.0 enabled Multiview to pivot their business to a cloud-first model without rewriting their application for the web.

“Many of our customers asked for a SaaS offering for our desktop application. While we could have rewritten our application as a web app, it would have cost millions of dollars and years of development. Instead, we simply deployed our application using AppStream 2.0 without rewriting any code. Now, we can instantly deliver our applications to any customer on the computer of their choice with a responsive and fluid experience.”

– Jamil El Ghazal, Director, Technology Services, Multiview Corporation

Multiview Financial Saves Years of Development Time Using Amazon AppStream 2.0



COREXPERT by TEAMWORK is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner based in France with 12 years of experience delivering technology projects. COREXPERT was recently acquired by TEAMWORK group, and quickly needed every user to be able to securely access their SAP environment through SAP GUI. With AppStream 2.0, the entire deployment took only two days.

"Once TEAMWORK completed the acquisition of COREXPERT, both business teams needed to access TEAMWORK's on-premises SAP environment. To do this, we had to provide COREXPERT users an SAP GUI client and enable secure access to our network. However, many COREXPERT users have Macs. There was no easy way to install and manage the full desktop version of SAP GUI for these users, and we couldn't securely connect them to TEAMWORK’s network and SAP environment.
AppStream 2.0 solved both of these problems. We deployed one version of SAP GUI on AppStream 2.0 within TEAMWORK's network, and streamed it to every user. With AppStream 2.0, COREXPERT users instantly access the full Windows desktop version of SAP GUI on their Macs. They simply open a browser, sign in with their existing credentials, and quickly start using the full desktop version of SAP GUI.
Now, we maintain a single version of SAP GUI on AppStream 2.0, and the entire team can access it through any computer. We don't need to worry about application deployment, or managing VPN connections to our SAP environment. The entire deployment completed in under two days."

– Alexis Dagues, CEO of COREXPERT, a TEAMWORK company

SAP GUI running on AppStream 2.0 (1:16)



The Korean Ophthalmological Society migrated its legacy Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) server to Amazon AppStream 2.0 to stream ophthalmologic imaging studies, such as retinal photographs, optical coherence tomography images, visual field tests, and optical biometry, to 80 university eye doctors nationwide.

Recent advances in eye imaging help ophthalmologists assess eye diseases, especially vision-threatening diseases like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, retinal vascular diseases, and glaucoma. Previously, doctors were only able to view medical images using the PACS system while they were physically in the hospital treating patients with eye diseases. This was inefficient and caused delays especially for research and clinical trials that include numerous institutions and hospitals. This challenge drove researchers to seek a centralized system to collect medical images from multiple sites. Now, by using AppStream 2.0, university doctors and researchers have the ability to analyze digital images anytime and anywhere on their own devices, which helps advance research and saves time and space for researchers.

“AppStream 2.0 has provided researchers with three great benefits in conducting nationwide eye research. First of all, it eliminates space and time constraints. Secondly, it makes it easy to use traditional desktop-based solutions in the cloud without any development. Last but not least, it provides an easy user experience.”

– Professor Sang Jun Park, ophthalmologist at Seoul National University Bundang Hospitaland assistant administrator of the Epidemiologic Survey Committee of the Korean Ophthalmological Society (KOS)



By using Amazon AppStream 2.0, Fife Public School's students can now access applications from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Fife Public Schools in Washington aspires to be a top-tier learning organization in which all students are being prepared for college, career, and life. Fife School District provides a device for every kid in the district. While the kids automatically got access to some applications, there were certain programs they couldn’t access, especially those used in CTE (Careers in Technical Education) classes. In addition to providing equitable access with Amazon AppStream 2.0, the district turned labs back into learning spaces, which saved the district money it would have otherwise spent on building costs.

Fife Public Schools Use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to Provide Equitable Access to Apps


Radboud University

Radboud University is a comprehensive, international, student-oriented research university located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Radboud uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to administer course examinations to Computing Computer Science students using Chromebooks.

“We needed a way to allow more than 500 students to simultaneously access NetBeans as part of a final examination. AppStream 2.0 was able to scale to meet our needs. We installed our applications on AppStream 2.0 and populated the examination hall with Chromebooks. Students were able to simply open a Chromebook and start working.”

– Bram Daams, C&CZ, Faculty of Science, Radboud University


Siemens resize

Siemens uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to provide virtual test drives, demo environments, and deliver training of its CAD software application, NX software. Siemens' NX is a powerful CAD software application that helps design and manufacturing customers deliver better products faster and more efficiently.

“AppStream 2.0 enables us to instantly deliver Siemens’ NX for virtual test drives, software testing, and training. Previously, many hours were being spent on software installation and system setup for these activities. AppStream 2.0 solved this problem. With AppStream 2.0, we can deploy the latest version of NX and provide customers instant access to the application through their browser with no downloads, installs, or configuration required. And, the performance for our customers is indistinguishable from a powerful mobile workstation. We can now scale on-demand to any number of users we want to support. This makes it easier to help our customers get the benefits of the latest version of NX with reduced IT overhead.”

– George L. Rendell, Senior Director, NX Design, Siemens PLM Software



With deep technical expertise, Crayon helps organizations around the world transform, innovate, and scale real business value from their IT investments. Crayon uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver their global COR (Crayon’s Online Room) platform, a hosted service that manages and streams their customers' software applications to end users. The COR platform empowers end users with cloud-based applications through a single interface.

“We needed to simplify software licensing, improve application management, and make it easy for end users to access their applications from a single interface. COR powered by AppStream 2.0 helps us accomplish all of this. We simply deploy our customers' applications on AppStream 2.0, centrally manage them, and let end users access the applications they need through COR on any device. Our customers can stop worrying about confusing application licensing and management across disjointed VDI environments or desktop deployments. And, we can reduce their cost with AppStream 2.0's simple pay-as-you-go pricing.”

– Erling Hesselberg, Vice President at Crayon Group

Iron CAD


IronCAD is a CAD application that empowers engineers, increases productivity, and facilitates collaboration throughout the enterprise for equipment machinery manufacturers and fabricators. IronCAD uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deliver frictionless online trials of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite without any downloads or installs.

“AppStream 2.0 helps our customers start their IronCAD software trials instantly through their browser. We manage and deliver IronCAD trials through AppStream 2.0’s graphics instances, so our customers’ experience is indistinguishable from a powerful workstation. There is nothing to download or install. Customers simply fill out a form, and get started. This reduces the time it takes for them to complete a trial of the latest version of the IronCAD software, while accelerating our sales cycles. Moving to AppStream 2.0 increased our trials 40% in the first 3 months of deployment.“

– Cary O'Connor, VP Marketing at IronCAD

Talent Inc.


Talent Inc. helps 5 million customers turn first impressions into lasting impressions. Rooted in the science of resume writing and the art of interviewing, Talent Inc. has evolved to offer a full suite of technology-enabled career services, aimed at empowering individuals to own and grow their professional brand. Talent Inc. uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely provide access to the applications and content their global workforce needs.

“With a employees around the world, we needed an easy to manage solution that provided access to applications they needed to work without downloading anything to their local device. The traditional way of supplying laptops was challenging to secure, and with GDPR on the horizon we needed a solution. We considered various virtual desktop solutions, but they were challenging to manage, and our employees only needed access to a few applications. Instead, we chose Amazon AppStream 2.0. With Amazon AppStream 2.0, we simply configured one application image for our users and they now open a browser to access the applications and data they need, with nothing stored on their local device. Amazon Appstream 2.0 allows us to support privacy by design as we expand globally. This not only helps us retain top-notch GDPR compliance, but also prepares us for any new country-level legislation we may see in the coming years.“

– Michael Henderson, CTO at Talent Inc.

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