Deliver Desktop Applications to Any Device, Anywhere with AppStream 2.0

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Building SaaS Offerings for Desktop Apps with Amazon AppStream 2.0

re:Invent 2016 - Las Vegas - 12/1/16


Delivering Powerful Graphics-Intensive Applications from the AWS Cloud

re:Invent 2016 - Las Vegas - 12/1/16


Amazon AppStream 2.0 Graphics Design, a New, Lower Cost Instance Type for Streaming Graphics Apps


Amazon AppStream 2.0 is introducing a new GPU instance type, called Graphics Design. This new Graphics Design instance type allows you to run graphics applications at a fraction of the cost of using graphics workstations and reduces the cost of streaming graphics applications with AppStream 2.0 by up to 50%.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Supports Microsoft Active Directory Domains


AppStream 2 is a fully managed secure application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications from AWS to any supported web browser. AWS has added the ability to join your image builders and fleets to your Microsoft Active Directory domains. This allows your streaming applications to access objects and resources in your AD domain, and provides your end-users single sign-on to your domain joined applications.

Securely Deliver Your Desktop Apps to a Web Browser using Amazon AppStream 2.0


Securely Deliver Your Desktop Apps to a Web Browser using Amazon AppStream 2.0

Developer Guide

Helps you get started using Amazon AppStream 2.0. You will learn how to quickly and easily provision and maintain one or more WorkSpaces.


API Reference Guide

Describes the API operations for Amazon AppStream 2.0


The Amazon AppStream 2.0 Getting Started guide offers a step by step tutorial to help you import, configure, and publish your first application for streaming. You access the Getting Started guide here

In the AWS Discussion Forum, you can ask questions and get answers from the developer community. 

Try Amazon AppStream 2.0 with no set up required. You can try sample applications for business, design, engineering, and software development, for up to 30 minutes. You can upload and open your own files, save your work, and print.

To access the Try It Now experience, you'll need to log in with your AWS account. Once you've logged in, simply pick an application and get started.