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LeasePlan is a global leader in car-as-a-service, managing nearly 1.9 million vehicles across 29 countries. For the past fifty years, it has been providing specialized services for automobile leasing, sustainable mobility, and fleet management. It is known for its relentless focus on delivering exceptional customer and driver experience.

"The telematics space is a key differentiator in the automobile leasing industry, and with that in mind, we wanted to develop a unique platform to help us with real-time data processing. Quantiphi, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, assisted us in developing this capability within our business timelines, while AWS services such as Amazon Data Firehose played a significant role in the data ingestion from IoT devices and store it in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) at scale and in a secured way. The solution provided us with the foundation to identify more ways to transform and digitize other areas of our business, as well as improve the efficiency and business operations of our customers."

Parsh Wanath, Vice President (VP) and Principal Architect, LeasePlan, USA

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Arity is a technology company focused on making transportation smarter, safer and more useful. They transform massive amounts of data into actionable insights to help partners better predict risk and make smarter decisions in real time.

"We can now solve customer challenges in weeks, where before it would have taken quarters.”

Reza Banikazemi, Director of System Architecture, Arity

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Docebo is redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create and manage content, deliver training, and understand the business impact of their learning experiences.

"Using AWS, we can improve our product in many ways because we created a stand-alone library that each of our present or future components or microservices can use.”

Francesco Marchesini, Senior Backend Developer, Docebo

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NerdWallet is on a mission to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions. Every day, they help people find the right credit cards and mortgage rates, refinance their student loans, track their spending and so much more.

Nerdwallet was looking to build a cohesive and performant experience for their users. For that, they need to be able to use large volumes of varying user data sourced by multiple independent teams. To support real-time use cases, NerdWallet added Amazon Data Firehose Streams, AWS Lambda, Amazon Data Firehose and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) into the architecture.

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