Liberty Mutual Insurance, a Fortune 100 company, offers a wide range of personal, commercial, and specialty insurance products and services in 30 countries and economies across the globe. “Redshift allows us to quickly spin up clusters and provide our data scientists with a fast and easy method to access data and generate insights,” said Bradley Todd, Liberty Mutual’s Technology Architect. “We saw a 9x reduction in month-end reporting time with Redshift DC2 nodes as compared to DC1."

4Cite Marketing, one of America’s fastest growing private companies, uses Amazon Redshift to analyze customer data to determine personalized product recommendations that retailers can offer at the opportune time to influence shoppers’ purchasing. “Amazon Redshift allows us to aggregate and analyze data at scale to drive insights and predictive intelligence that power our clients marketing efforts,” said Jim Finnerty, 4Cite’s Senior Vice President of Product. “Amazon Redshift’s new DC2 node is giving us a 100 percent performance increase, allowing us to provide faster insights for our retailers, more cost effectively, to drive incremental revenue."

BrandVerity, a Seattle based company, provides solutions to monitor, detect, and mitigate online brand, trademark, and compliance abuse. “We use Redshift Spectrum for interactive online queries,” said Hyung-Joon Kim, Principle Software Engineer, BrandVerity. "The new DC2 node from Amazon Redshift has given us a 70 percent performance boost for running Redshift Spectrum queries. As a result, we can analyze far more data for our customers and deliver results much faster."

DNA Plc is one of the leading Finnish telecommunications groups and Finland’s largest cable operator and pay TV provider. “We have terabytes of event data coming from our websites and applications to Amazon S3 and then to Amazon Redshift in near real-time. Redshift is at the core of our operations and used by our marketing automation tools,” said Jarno Kartela, Head of Analytics and Chief Data Scientist, DNA. “We can now run queries in half the time. Moving to Redshift’s DC2 node gave us a 52 percent performance gain, allowing us to reduce time-to-insight for our analytics and marketing automation users."

Sirocco Systems uses Amazon Redshift as a managed data warehouse service for a number of clients, including a UK membership organization with more than four million members. “One of the biggest challenges we faced was meeting SLA commitments for preparing and loading new data into the data warehouse,” said Martin Brambley, Director at Sirocco Systems. “We saw an immediate 30 percent improvement in end-to-end ETL loading using the new DC2 node from Redshift. This is fantastic news for our clients as data volumes and demand for analytics continue to grow rapidly."

Gainsight helps businesses grow faster by reducing customer churn, driving upsell, and fueling customer advocacy. “Amazon Redshift enables us to aggregate and analyze large volumes of event and usage data and make that data available to our customers,” said Anil Chalasani, VP Product Operations, Gainsight. “Using Redshift’s DC2 node, we generate reports 35 percent faster. This enables our customers to spend more time curating and visualizing their data in Gainsight to take advantage of opportunities to drive Customer Success."

Blue 449, known as the “open source media agency,” is one of the five brands of Publicis Media. Blue 449 enables key internal and external decision makers to make data-driven decisions across the campaign lifecycle and customer journey to drive relevance, scale, and performance. They chose Amazon Redshift as their end-to-end data warehouse to help clients use data and analytics to drive and test new ideas that significantly improve their businesses. “Amazon Redshift has dramatically reduced query times for significant workloads from seven hours to 10 minutes. The ability to perform super-fast analytics on massive data sets is a key differentiator and enables our teams and clients to take action faster and more confidently to improve overall business results,” says Ryan Bowermaster, vice president of analytics and insight at Blue 449.

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