Why AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift?

AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift enables you to find and subscribe to third-party data in AWS Data Exchange that you can query in an Amazon Redshift data warehouse in minutes. You can also easily license your data in Amazon Redshift through AWS Data Exchange: Access is automatically granted when a customer subscribes to your data and automatically revoked when their subscription ends, invoices are automatically generated, and payments are automatically collected and disbursed through AWS. This feature empowers you to quickly query, analyze, and build applications with third-party data.

Benefits for data providers

Subscribers can access data in Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 files with a single subscription.
Access to your Amazon Redshift data is automatically granted when a subscription starts and automatically removed when a subscription ends, invoices are automatically generated when a payment is due, and payments are centrally collected and automatically disbursed through AWS.
Know what tables your subscribers are using so you know what data they value most. To maintain privacy, the queries they execute and the data they return are never shared.

Benefits for subscribers

Directly query third-party data in Amazon Redshift without extracting, transforming, and loading it.
Use the latest data as soon as it's published.
Manage all content subscriptions, billing, and payments in AWS Marketplace.

How it works

How Redshift data sharing works

Customer success



“What we're really excited about is the integration of Redshift on the Amazon data exchange. What this'll do is further remove friction associated with data onboarding. It's going to make things like billing more transparent and easier to manage for our clients. And it's going to really improve the user experience for those interested in browsing content and finding the data that they need and sourcing it from trusted partners like FactSet.”

Peter Dorsey, VP Cloud Strategy, Content & Technology Solutions – FactSet



"As experts at the intersection of data, data science, and healthcare, AWS Data Exchange is an accelerator for Mathematica’s data offerings, helping us to extend our mission to an unparalleled network of global healthcare and life sciences organizations. We’re excited to be one of the launch partners for AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift, which will enable customers to quickly query, analyze, and build applications using Mathematica’s data sets."

Matt Gillingham, Vice President and CTO - Mathematica


Revelio Labs

“Our partnership with AWS Data Exchange has allowed us to meet new customers and more quickly deliver data to them seamlessly. And now that customers can access our global workforce data instantly in their own Amazon Redshift cluster via AWS Data Exchange without loading it into files, we have removed yet another point of friction."

Ben Zweig, CEO - Revelio Labs

Fannie Mae


“Rearc’s goal is to remove the heavy lifting involved with acquiring and processing data so our customers can focus on data-driven insights that matter to their business. AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift furthers our goal by allowing customers to access Rearc’s curated data tables natively via a SQL interface and other Redshift connectors.”

Milin Patel, Co-Founder & Principal Architect - Rearc

Fannie Mae


“Facteus consistently strives to bring the highest quality data with the lowest latency to market, and we are proud to work with AWS Data Exchange and the Redshift team to make the data available even faster, for our Redshift clients. Delivering our data via the Redshift share results in operational efficiency and cost savings for both Facteus and our partners and removing potential data ingest errors.”

Ben Zweig, CEO - Facteus

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AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift

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