Whitepapers, Solution Briefs, and Infographics

Solution Brief: Private Mobile Edge Computing and 5G

Learn how the unique combination of a high-performance private 5G network with on-premises cloud computing on AWS Outposts can enable new applications that were previously technically or operationally infeasible.

Infographic: Bringing Entertainment at the Edge to Life

Innovations enabled by high speed 5G networks will define the future of entertainment. Explore how 5G and edge computing are changing the Media and Entertainment landscape.

Solution Brief: AWS Wavelength for Media and Entertainment   

Learn how AWS Wavelength is enabling content producers and distributors to offer new interactive and immersive experiences to their consumers.

Solution Brief: Edge Computing for 5G Networks

Learn how AWS Wavelength brings AWS services to the edge of the 5G network, minimizing latency when connecting to an application from a mobile device.

Infographic: Transformational Performance with 5G and Edge Computing

The increase in speed and bandwidth offered by 5G and the reduction
in latency achieved by bringing compute closer to the end users will transform industries.

TCS Enables Intelligent Real-Time Quality Inspection for a Smart Factory with AWS Wavelength 

Learn how Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) leveraged AWS Wavelength to deploy their Smart Factory solution for intelligent real-time quality inspection.


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Accelerating VR adoption using 5G Edge Computing.

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Enhancing the viewing experience by moving video production workflows to AWS Wavelength.

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How to use AWS Wavelength to deliver applications that require ultra-low latency to 5G mobile users.

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Building applications in a 5G era: Introducing AWS Wavelength.

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Video Resources

AWS Wavelength: Run apps with ultra-low latency at 5G edge
Architecting 5G apps for ultra-low latency on AWS Wavelength
Building for the edge: Verizon 5G Edge & AWS Wavelength foundations (Verizon)
Announcing General Availability of AWS Wavelength

Customer Stories

Morehouse College 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
Renovo 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
CrowdVision 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
Dedrone 5G and MEC Use Case | Vodafone
Zixi 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
Tata Consultancy Services - 5G Edge Computing Use Case
Aurrigo MEC and 5G Use Case
Savari 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
ShotTracker 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
YBVR 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
Summit 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
HARMAN 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon
Skyward 5G and MEC Use Case | Verizon

Partner Resources

Verizon 5G Edge Developer Resources

Jumpstart your 5G Edge development with these resources from Verizon. Learn how to deploy your first 5G Edge application with tutorials, guides and more.

Verizon 5G Edge Blog

Powering the next generation of immersive applications at the network edge. Every day, Verizon 5G Edge Blog and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

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