Cost and Usage Visualization

AWS Cost Explorer provides users with visual representation of their AWS cost and usage over time, using graphs and tables. Visualization simplifies analysis of complex cost and usage data, facilitating quick insights and informed decisions.

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Filter and Group

You can filter and group your data by a variety of dimensions. For example, you can view your daily/monthly cost grouped by member accounts to understand who is driving your most cost. Additionally, you can group your cost by services to view top 9 cost-accruing AWS services in the Cost Explorer graph and view detailed breakdown of cost per service in the table; you can also filter cost by a specific service to understand how the spend for that service has changed over a period of time. 

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Cost and usage Forecasting

AWS Cost Explorer can predict future costs and usage based on your historical and current cost and usage pattern. This helps organizations plan and budget for upcoming expenses.

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Saved Reports

Cost Explorer provides preconfigured reports to monitor monthly cost by service, monthly cost by linked account, monthly EC2 running hours costs and usage, Daily costs, and AWS Marketplace costs. Additionally, customers can save custom Cost Explorer reports along with their filters and groupings for easy access.

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Multi-year history

Users can perform multi-year historical data analysis at monthly granularity using up to 38 months of history and understand patterns and year-over-year changes in their AWS cost and usage. 

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Hourly granularity

Cost Explorer allows customers to understand their spend for the past 14 days at the most granular hourly level. You can monitor your hourly cost and usage to determine appropriate SP/RI commitment or understand peak hour usage. 

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Resource level granularity

Cost Explorer allows customers to monitor their AWS cost and usage at a resource level to identify cost drivers. Cost Explorer supports resource level data for all services at daily granularity and EC2 resource level data at hourly granularity. Customers can enable this additional data for the past 14 days. 

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Download your CE view in csv format

You can download your filtered CE view in CSV file format for offline access as well as easy sharing with other team members. 

API access

AWS Cost Explorer provides programmatic access to all features through API, enabling automation of Cost Management tasks. 

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