AWS Cost Explorer API

The AWS Cost Explorer API lets you directly access the interactive, ad-hoc query engine that powers AWS Cost Explorer. Each request will incur a cost of $0.01.

AWS Cost Explorer Hourly and Resource Granularity

The Cost Explorer Hourly and Resource level granularity allows you to access cost and usage data at hourly granularity for the past 14 days and resource level granularity. The resource level granularity is availble for EC2 instances only. The cost is $0.01 per 1,000 UsageRecords month. UsageRecords are defined as one line of usage. For example, one EC2 instance running for 24 hours will generate 24 distinct usage records at the hourly granularity. Once hourly granularity is enabled, you can view data at hourly granularity in three reports: Cost Explorer, Savings Plans Utilization, and Savings Plans Coverage reports. Your cost does not depend on how many reports you use hourly granularity in. You will pay the same price if you use hourly granularity in just one or all three reports.

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