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Learn about the benefits of backing up data to AWS. Move away from traditional backup strategies that involve maintaining tape libraries and paying for offsite archival services. Details include conceptual architectures for customers at various stages of their cloud migration (hybrid infrastructure and cloud native), and easy next steps to begin backing up data to the AWS Cloud.

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AWS Office Hours: Backing Up to AWS

The exponential growth of data is providing organizations with unprecedented insights to evolve their respective businesses, but it is also challenging traditional backup methods that cannot cost effectively scale to protect expanding data stores. Watch this office-hours tech talk and hear AWS storage experts discuss common use cases, backup for hybrid environments, backing up file systems and databases, among other topics.

Backup & Archiving Deep Dives

Integrating On-Premises Vendors with AWS for Backup
Backup with AWS Storage Gateway
Archiving with Amazon S3 & S3 Glacier
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APN Backup Solutions & Customer Stories

Trimono Gains Reliable Backup with Veritas
Notre Dame maintains uptime with N2WS
Castilleja School automates data protection and shortens RTOs
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