With AWS you can build virtually any big data application. These are just a few examples of how organizations are driving value from big data with AWS

With AWS you can build an entire analytics application to power your business. Scale a Hadoop cluster from zero to thousands of servers within just a few minutes, and then turn it off again when you’re done. This means you can process big data workloads in less time and at a lower cost.

Redfin provides real estate listing & recommendations to millions of homebuyers. Every day, Redfin uses Amazon EMR with spot instances – dynamically spinning up & down Apache Hadoop clusters – to perform large data transformations and deliver data to internal and external customers. Watch the video »

Improve your customer's digital experience and get a better understanding of your website. Collect, process, analyze, and visualize clickstream insights in real-time with AWS.

Hearst Corporation monitors trending content for over 250 digital properties worldwide and processes more than 30TB of data per day. Using an architecture that includes Amazon Kinesis and Spark running on Amazon EMR, Hearst corporation delivers real-time insights to data scientists and business stake-holders. Watch the video »

Use AWS Lambda to perform data transformations - filter, sort, join, aggregate, and more - on new data, and load the transformed datasets into Amazon Redshift for interactive query and analysis.

Zillow uses AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis to manage a global ingestion pipeline and produce quality analytics in real-time without building infrastructure. Watch the re:Invent presentation »

Use Amazon Machine Learning to easily add predictive capabilities to your applications. Combine the power of Amazon Kinesis to ingest data from social media or other sources in real time and use Machine Learning to generate predictions on that data.

“Amazon Machine Learning democratizes the process of building predictive models. It's easy and fast to use, and has machine-learning best practices encapsulated in the product, which lets us deliver results significantly faster than in the past.”
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Optimize query performance and reduce costs by deploying your data warehousing architecture in the AWS cloud. Amazon EMR allows you to leverage the power of the Apache Hadoop framework to perform data transformations (ETL) and load the processed data into Amazon Redshift for analytic and business intelligence applications.

Nasdaq achieved faster, richer analytics and data warehousing capabilities while reducing costs by 57% by shifting to Amazon Redshift and using Amazon EMR for ETL.
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