Get the business intelligence and data analytics solutions you want in minutes, not months… and pay only for what you consume.

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Get to data-driven results faster by decreasing the time it takes to plan, forecast, and make decisions. Perform data analysis and visualization on your Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, or Amazon EMR data and other third-party data sources. Focus on your business’ core competency, instead of spending time implementing and managing new IT infrastructure. AWS Marketplace makes it easy for you to discover, purchase, migrate and deploy software and services to improve the way you build business analytics solutions and run your business

  • Deploy solutions when you need them, in multiple regions around the world
  • Software solutions are pre-configured and ready to run on AWS
  • Metered pricing by the hour. Pay only for what you use. Integrate software costs to your AWS bill

Reporting, visualization.

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Analytic platform, predictive analytics.

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Transform, move data.

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See how Thrive Market built a 360-degree customer view
Zoomdata hands-free BI with Alexa on Amazon Echo

Deploy machine-learning algorithms for data mining and predictive analytics, or launch pre-configured and pre-tested experimentation platforms for big data analysis.

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Visualize millions of data points on a map, or develop route planning and geographic customer targeting

Deploy a new data warehouse on AWS or extend your existing one.

Migrate your databases to AWS with zero downtime using AWS Database Migration Service. Replicate your transactional database to the AWS Cloud in near-real-time with minimal performance impact. Use third party solutions solutions to extract and load information into Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS and other common data sources.

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Philips healthcare moves large data sets to AWS

Learn how Attunity, a leading data integration solution in the AWS Marketplace, worked for Philips. Philips Healthcare, part of Dutch multi-national Koninklijke Philips, analyzes data to create quick solutions for its customers in the U.S. Find out how Philips uses Amazon Redshift and Attunity CloudBeam from the AWS Marketplace to transform and transfer data sets as large as 35 million records to AWS in just 90 minutes.

Solutions for Microsoft Windows and Linux

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