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AWS Generative AI Competency Expands: More Partners, New Offerings

By Chris Dally, WW Head, Generative AI & ML Specialization Partners – AWS
By Victor Rojo, WW Tech Lead, Generative AI & ML Specialization Partners – AWS

In March, we launched the AWS Generative AI Competency with 45 AWS Partners leading the way in this revolutionary technology. Today, we’re thrilled to share the next wave of AWS Generative AI Competency Partners that have demonstrated deep expertise in building and deploying groundbreaking generative AI applications across industries.

The latest cohort of AWS Generative AI Competency Partners, including global brands like C3 AI, Cognizant, and IBM, has significantly boosted customer offerings in Korea, the Greater China Region, Latin America, and the Middle East. Expanding the competency further helps AWS customers quickly locate experienced and well-supported partners in their region and showcase their innovations worldwide. Now, AWS customers have over 60 validated partners to chose from to support bringing their generative AI workloads to production.

“We’re so excited to welcome the next cohort of AWS Partners into the Generative AI Competency,” says Rahul Pathak, Vice President, AWS Generative AI and ML GTM. “Since we launched the competency in March, we’ve seen incredible impact from our AWS Competency Partners who have who have delivered significantly on launching generative AI workloads globally this year.”

AWS Generative AI Competency Partners help customers achieve business outcomes through generative AI on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The initial cohort has already made significant strides, delivering tangible benefits and production workloads to customers. They’ve published 126 customer references demonstrating their work across key industries and are making it easier to engage with them through generative AI solutions available in AWS Marketplace. These solutions are actively helping customers automate tasks, enhance productivity, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences powered by generative AI.

For example, Cameo, the platform that allows users to send personalized videos from celebrities and creators, partnered with AWS Generative AI Competency Partner, Loka, to develop generative AI applications. They sought Loka’s expertise to tackle the complex problem of discovering the perfect talent match for users looking to send personalized video messages to family and friends. This involved solving the challenge of users not knowing which category to browse or which talent to select.

“Our partnership with Loka allows us to both punch above our weight class when it comes to more complex LLM implementations, as well as move more quickly by augmenting our team with their resourcing,” says Dom Scandinaro, CTO at Cameo.

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The Generative AI Competency features AWS Partners with proven success and deep technical proficiency with generative AI services. The competency includes AWS Partners on the Software Path and Services Path. Software Partners have shown proficiency in either generative AI applications, foundation models (FMs) and app development, or infrastructure and data. Services Partners have demonstrated proficiency in end-to-end generative AI consulting.

According to Canalys, the generative AI partner opportunity is expected to reach $158 billion by 2028. By validating the business and technical expertise of our AWS Generative AI Competency Partners, AWS customers can invest with greater confidence in their generative AI solutions.

Travis Rehl, CTO at Innovative Solutions, shared, “The AWS Generative AI Competency challenged our practices and quality controls to ensure that Innovative’s experience matched AWS customer expectations for quality, consistency, and experience.”

AWS Generative AI Competency Partners work closely with our AWS product teams to bring unique insights and resources to their customers. “We take immense pride in attaining the AWS Generative AI Competency, which has given us more visibility to connect with AWS product teams and leaders and access market development funds,” says Bob van Lujit, CEO at Weaviate. “It has allowed us to reach new customers and collaborate on solving mutual customer problems.”

Mission Cloud’s Chief AI and Data Scientist, Ryan Ries, remarks, “Receiving the AWS Generative AI Competency is exciting because it validates to customers that we have gone through a rigorous process to obtain it and they can feel confident using our generative AI systems.”

As we expand the AWS Generative AI Competency, we’re pleased to welcome the following AWS Partners to the program: 

AWS Services Partners

These AWS Partners have demonstrated their expertise in implementing generative AI solutions for businesses. They have a proven track record of assisting companies in adopting generative AI technologies, assessing and choosing foundation models, developing and testing generative AI applications, and training and customizing foundation models.

Additionally, they can implement and support generative AI workloads in real-world production environments while adhering to responsible AI principles and frameworks, including security and compliance controls.

AWS Software Partners

These AWS Partners use foundation models and related technologies to automate industry-specific tasks, enhancing customer differentiation across all sectors, business units, and operations. Their comprehensive offerings include deployable FMs for private environments, accessible via APIs or Amazon Bedrock.

They also provide tools and platforms that impact the foundation model operations (FMOPs) lifecycle and the generative AI application development lifecycle, AI hardware for customizing, training, and deploying generative AI models, as well as platforms for data storage and retrieval of vectorized data, and solutions for generating synthetic data.

Customers: Work with an AWS Generative AI Specialization Partner

AWS Generative AI Competency Partners play a crucial role in driving customer innovation. They offer enterprise-grade security and privacy, foundation models, generative AI-powered applications, a data-first approach, and a high-performance, low-cost infrastructure.

By working with an AWS Generative AI Competency Partner, customers can expect to accelerate their AI initiatives, reduce time to market, and ensure the quality and reliability of their AI solutions. Explore the AWS Generative AI Partners page to learn more.

Partners: Become an AWS Generative AI Competency Partner

AWS Partners with generative AI offerings can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner.

AWS Specialization Partners gain access to strategic and confidential content, including product roadmaps, feature release previews, and demos, as part of the AWS PartnerEquip event series. To attend live events in your region or tune in virtually, register for an upcoming session. In addition to AWS Specialization Program benefits, AWS Generative AI Competency Partners receive unique benefits such as bi-annual strategy sessions to aid joint sales motions. To learn more, review the AWS Specialization Program Benefits Guide in AWS Partner Central (login required).

AWS Partners looking to get their generative AI offering validated through the AWS Competency Program must be validated or differentiated members of the Software or Services Path prior to applying.

To apply, please review the Program Guide and access the application in AWS Partner Central.