Adobe offers a line of products and services used by creative professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring and engaging with content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices and media.



Adobe is named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helps organizations create, manage and optimize digital customer experiences across every channel: web, mobile web and apps, digital forms, and communities:

1. Quickly create and deliver digital experiences and update the content anytime, without burdening IT

2. Easily manage images, videos, and other digital assets to deliver engaging customer experiences with dynamic and personalized media and video

3. Build thriving communities consisting of: blogs, forums, events, product reviews across all your social properties

4. Rapidly create, deliver and update mobile apps with an integrated mobile application development platform

5. Create forms into all of your digital experiences; simplify the creation of forms and the complexity of transactions.


Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations to fundamentally improve productivity.

This is a single-tenant, hosted offering  managed by Adobe Connect experts. It leverages Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service to provide “on the fly” scaling of resources along with enhanced flexibility, customization, and security options.



Deploy your digital experiences in the cloud to reduce time to market while maintaining all the control, security, and customization of on-premises deployment. With Adobe as your single partner for hosting and support, you get expert help whenever you need it — without all the infrastructure and personnel costs

Quickly scale your website based on audience demand using our elastic cloud platform, which helps ensure site availability and performance even when visitor traffic spikes.

Get dedicated engineering support during development, testing, and launch; ongoing assistance with site maintenance; and 24/7 solution monitoring and customer support.

Provide physical, network, and data security by hosting your application in our restricted-access facility, behind firewall systems, or inside a virtual private cloud. Use single-tenant virtual machines with robust data storage encryption, anti-virals, and data isolation.

Maintain the stability of your application with a step-by-step process for responding to emerging issues and documenting all changes to the application.


Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services is an easy, affordable and scalable way to deploy multiprotocol media streaming. Dynamic HTTP Packaging, protected HTTP streaming, and DRM support for Apple HLS enable a single packaging and protection workflow for delivering all your video assets to the broadest device landscape. Besides HTTP Streaming, Adobe Media Server enables real time communication using the RTMFP protocol.

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Adobe ColdFusion 11 on Amazon Web Services is an easy and affordable way to access powerful yet easy-to-use features to build high performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to meet your business needs. Rapidly build and deploy scalable, high-performing web and mobile applications. Leverage unique capabilities to develop, test, and debug mobile applications end to end. Generate high-quality PDF files and manipulate them easily.

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