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Amazon Web Services is looking for experienced engineering leaders to help us define and build the future of computing. The AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) service delivers high performance virtualized storage "in the cloud" for EC2. Durable storage is a key building block for any application and as a member of the EBS team you'll work alongside outstanding engineers and leaders to develop and operate one of the largest storage services in the world.

We are looking for an innovators to own, build, and grow the core storage systems that make up EBS and is responsible for the performance, availability, scalability and durability of customer data. If you are excited about the incredible opportunity cloud computing represents, passionate about storage, and thrive on building and driving great teams to deliver high quality software, this is the team for you.

Software Development Manager

We are looking for an innovative engineering manager to own, build, and grow the core storage systems that make up EBS and is responsible for the performance, availability, scalability and durability of customer data. Grow and lead a team that will design, develop, test, and operate core storage systems involving both low-level high-performance systems that push hardware to its limits and massive scale distributed systems. As a member of the EBS leadership team you will help set and meet aggressive goals and by working with customers and other leaders throughout AWS you will help shape our long term technical and business strategy. Apply here!

Senior Software Engineer

As a member of the EBS team, you will have strong ownership over the design, implementation, and operation of a massive scale distributed system. You will work closely with a tight, agile team that ships. You will be able to see the impact your code has on real customers such as the recently launched provisioned IOPS. You will also have the opportunity to work across a range of technologies, from Java-based distributed systems using SQL and NoSQL Datastores, low level high performance storage systems in C/C++, to massive real time data analytics. Apply Here!

Software Engineer

Be a part of the team that owns the core parts of the EBS storage technologies that durably persist all the data written to EBS volumes. We’re looking for innovative engineers to own the performance, availability, scalability, and durability of EBS volumes. This is an opportunity to use advanced thread synchronization and CPU management techniques, work at lower layers of the networking stack, and take advantage of disk drive performance characteristics to engineer services that push the latest generation of hardware to its limits. Additionally, EBS is a massive-scale distributed system and so this position has the opportunity to work in two exciting areas of development. Apply Here!

Senior Technical Product Manager

We need business owners who can scale in perspective from strategic vision development with direct interaction with the AWS senior leadership team to tactical product development and sales execution. There are no product requirements documents thrown over the wall to the development team in this business. We value product managers who want to sit with the developers and dig into the details as owners of the service where we define, develop, and ship new services and features in periods measured in months. Apply Here!

Operations Manager (Systems Engineering Manager)

Are you a hands-on Operations Manager with excellent leadership required to lead a System Engineering (SE) team?
The successful Operations Manager joining the EBS team will do much more than track changes and manage a ticket queue. Their team will be instrumental in deploying, operating, and scaling a massive always-on distributed system that is part of an entirely new software development approach. We are looking for a seasoned Operations Manager to join our energetic, hard-driving, and passionate team and tackle the unique challenges of massive scale. Apply Here!

Systems Engineer

Amazon’s Elastic Block Store group provides our customers with high performance and reliable storage services worldwide. We have high standards for our cloud systems as well as our employees: our systems are highly reliable, highly available, and turn scale into an advantage for our business and an asset to our customers; our employees are super smart, driven to serve customers, and fun to work with. Apply Here!

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