AWS Certification Digital Badges

AWS Certification provides digital badges as a benefit of getting AWS Certified. Take advantage of flexible options for recognition and verification to showcase your certification achievement.

Claim and Share Your Digital Badge

AWS Certification helps you build credibility and confidence by validating your cloud skills with industry-recognized credentials. We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status. Take advantage of flexible options for recognition and verification. AWS Certification digital badges are provided via Credly’s platform and can be accessed, along with all your AWS Certified benefits, from your AWS Certification Account.


Highlight Your AWS Skills

Add your digital badge to your professional profiles to highlight your skills. We can help with step-by-step guidance for adding to your social media profile and tools for embedding verifiable badges on websites, digital resumes, or email signatures.

Celebrate with Your Network

Share your digital badge as a post on social media to celebrate with your network. With one-click badge sharing to social media newsfeeds, it is easy to highlight your achievement.

Verify Your AWS Certified Status

Share a direct link to your digital badge via email to verify you are AWS Certified. Create an optional public profile with all earned AWS Certification badges. Digital badges make it easy for your employer to access up-to-date AWS Certified status.

Steps to Sharing Your Digital Badge


We automatically issue a digital badge when you earn an AWS Certification. Digital badges are active as long as your certification is valid.


You’ll get an email from Credly’s platform with instructions for claiming your badge. Or, sign in to your AWS Certification Account and look for the Digital Badges tab.


Use Credly’s platform sharing features to post on your social media newsfeeds and add your digital badge to your professional profile.


Your digital badge verifies whether your AWS Certification is active or not. To maintain your active status, recertify every three years.

Get Started

You can get started by signing in to your AWS Certification Account. Look for the Digital Badges tab: it links to Credly’s platform where you can claim your badge(s) and start sharing. If you have previously shared or posted an AWS Certification digital badge provided by CertMetrics for verification, you will need to update to your new digital badge from Credly’s platform by August 1, 2020.

Interested in earning an AWS Learning Badge?

icon of an AWS Learning Badge

We also offer AWS digital badges via Credly’s platform. AWS digital badges demonstrate your knowledge and skills for specific AWS Cloud topics.

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