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The full version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam will be released in English and Japanese on February 4, 2019. The last day to take the current version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam (Retiring 2019) in English or Japanese is February 3, 2019. If you are preparing to take the exam on or after February 4, 2019, please use this exam guide to prepare.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam validates advanced technical skills and experience in designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Example concepts you should understand for this exam include:

  • Designing and deploying dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS
  • Selecting appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements
  • Migrating complex, multi-tier applications on AWS
  • Designing and deploying enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS
  • Implementing cost-control strategies

Eligible candidates for this exam have:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate  certification recommended
  • Two or more years of hands-on experience designing and deploying cloud architecture on AWS
  • Abilities to evaluate cloud application requirements and make architectural recommendations for implementation, deployment, and provisioning applications on AWS
  • Capabilities to provide best practices guidance on the architectural design across multiple applications, projects, or the enterprise
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions
  • 170 minutes to complete the exam
  • Exam available in English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
  • Practice exam registration fee is USD 40
  • Exam registration fee is USD 300
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