Certification through AWS is valid for three years from the date it was earned. Before the three-year period expires, you must recertify to keep your certification current and active. AWS sends reminders prior to certification expiration, but you are responsible for maintaining the active status of your certification(s). The recertification process demonstrates your knowledge of current practices and technology as they evolve, thereby maintaining or enhancing a certification’s value over time.

Exam Requirements

To keep your certification active, you must take the current version of the exam that corresponds to your certification before it expires. AWS does not require or accept other methods of recertification, such as continuing education credits. Retesting is the best way to assess that you have maintained or enhanced your knowledge and skills. However, you are encouraged to continue to learn by taking relevant digital and instructor-led training courses offered by AWS and its providers while you continue to use the AWS platform.

Maintaining Multiple Certifications

For Foundational- and Associate-level certifications, you can also satisfy the recertification requirement for a current certification by passing or recertifying with a higher-level role-based exam. The specific details for each certification level can be found at our main Recertification page. You can use your 50% discount voucher from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification Account to recertify or apply it to any future certification exam you wish to pursue.