Discover on-premises infrastructure

AWS Application Discovery Service collects server hostnames, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and resource allocation and utilization details of key resources including CPU, network, memory, and disk. This information can then be used to size AWS resources when you migrate.

Identify server dependencies

AWS Application Discovery Service agents record inbound and outbound network activity for each server. This data can then be used to understand the dependencies across servers.

Measure server performance

AWS Application Discovery Service captures performance information about applications and processes by measuring host CPU, memory, and disk use, as well as disk and network performance (e.g., latency and throughput). This information lets you establish a performance baseline to use as a comparison after you migrate to AWS.

Data Exploration in Amazon Athena

Explore the data collected from your on-premises servers with Amazon Athena by running pre-defined queries to analyze the time-series system performance for each server, the type of processes that are running on them and the network dependencies between different servers.

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