The airline business is transforming. Throughout its history, airlines have faced challenging times but have proven resilient. Leading airlines are working with AWS because of the flexibility and scalability needed to reduce costs, and to adjust and innovate quickly to new changes and business dynamics. AWS offers the most comprehensive set of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services, the broadest and deepest IoT offerings, and the ability to quickly and easily manage data to optimize operations and delight travelers.

Southwest Airlines Uses AWS to Improve Its Technical Health (7:42)


Operational efficiency

Efficient operations are key to any airline. There’s a need to optimize assets, improve utilization, implement predictive maintenance, ensure quality, health and safety standards and more. AWS provides airlines with everything needed to quickly and easily manage data, while helping them understand their operations. Airlines also leverage AWS services to boost predictive capabilities -- safely adjusting routes, saving on energy and fuel costs, and maintaining their fleet and equipment.

Drive data insights

Airlines are often rich in data but poor in insights. AWS offers more data services than any other platform so you can collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize data in the cloud. Deploy any application regardless of volume, velocity, or variety of data to transform customer service, the airport experience, personalization, retailing, loyalty programs, the on-board experience and more.

Innovate at speed

AWS enables airlines to rapidly build, deliver, and iterate innovative products and services. AWS allows airlines to provision and manage infrastructure, code, and automatic updates, so they can spend more time predicting and adapting to rapidly changing market trends and operational developments.

Case studies


Ryanair is Europe's largest airline group, flying more than 150 million passengers per year to more than 200 destinations on 2,400 daily flights. Using Amazon Lex and Amazon SageMaker, Ryanair built a chatbot that improves its customer support experience and helps customers find answers to their questions quickly and easily.

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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. which operates passenger and cargo services in more than 200 global locations, it’s critical to have a revenue optimization system that processes those bookings with efficiency and stability. Cathay Pacific decided to move management of the system to the cloud using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution: Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Oracle. As a result, the company saw a 20 percent boost in performance, improved security posture through automated security patching, and enabled a focus on innovation.

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Korean Air

Korean Air is South Korea's largest airline and is “all-in” on AWS. Kenny Chang, EVP and CMO of Korean Air, discusses how, even while Korean Air celebrates its 50-year anniversary, the company is building on AWS with a focus on the next 50 years of excellence. For example, Korean Air is starting on its journey by launching innovative projects with Amazon SageMaker to help predict and preempt maintenance for its fleet of aircraft.

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Vancouver International Airport

Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) is an independent business unit within Vancouver International Airport responsible for solving passenger processing challenges and, where appropriate, commercializing solutions for sale to other airports. With the reliability they get from using AWS, they have virtually 24/7 uptime for border-control solution in all airports they operate in across North America.

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