Generative AI on AWS for Travel and Hospitality

Reinvent traveler and guest experiences, enhance productivity, and accelerate growth with generative AI.

There's an emerging opportunity for travel and hospitality companies to transform their business using generative AI
Powered by large machine learning models known as foundation models, generative AI has the power to inspire travelers and guests, helping them seamlessly discover new destinations and experiences, while also enhancing every step of the customer journey.
How the Travel and Hospitality Industry Can Use Generative AI on AWS | Amazon Web Services

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Compliance and Regulatory

Ensure your website and apps adheres to accessibility requirements.

Optimize Core Operations

Create simulations, improve capacity and network planning, optimize routes and traveler/guest flow management, and automate knowledge management.

Research & Development

Create new menu items, food pairs, or limited time offers. Generate trip ideas and simplify itinerary planning.

Retailing & Personalization

Personalize customer interactions with tailored products, services, and pricing.

Customer Service & Communications

Automate ordering and service with chatbots and real-time language translation. Improve social listening and sentiment analytics and automate guest responses.

Visual presentation of brand

Generate stunning videos and imagery within your brand guidelines.


What leaders need to know about generative AI.

6 tips to innovate faster with generative AI photo_man on phone

Four critical elements for getting started with generative AI

Learn key generative AI use cases for the Travel and Hospitality industry and how to get started.

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Case study takes the fiction out of travel with generative AI

Discover how helps customers experience a new world of travel.

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How 10 AWS customers are approaching generative AI_traveler on phone
Case study

How 10 AWS customers are approaching generative AI

Red Ventures is experimenting with AI-generated recommendations.

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2023 Digital Transformation Report

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Tools for building generative AI applications

Innovate faster with new capabilities, choice of industry leading foundation models (FMs), and the most cost-effective infrastructure.

Amazon Bedrock

The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs

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Amazon SageMaker

Build, train, and deploy FMs at scale

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Amazon CodeWhisperer

AI coding companion to build applications faster and more securely

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AWS Tranium

Train faster with up to 50% cost savings

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AWS Inferentia

Run FM inference with up to 40% lower cost over comparable Amazon EC2 instances

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Services for your use case

Learn how to find the right services for your use case

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Travel and Hospitality partners offering generative AI solutions and services

Start your generative AI journey today

Learn how you can use generative AI to improve operational efficiency and enhance the traveler and guest experience.