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Using AWS CodeDeploy On Existing Instances
You already have a number of Amazon EC2 instances running, and you want to get them set up without starting new ones.
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Deploying to an Auto Scaling Group
You want to set up your application to be more reactive to changes in traffic or more tolerant of instance failures, but still use AWS CodeDeploy for deploying new features.
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Monitoring Deployments
You've gotten all of your instances set up with the AWS CodeDeploy Agent, and created a new deployment. Now, you want to monitor it across all of your instances to check that it succeeds.
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Integration with Third-Party Tools
AWS CodeDeploy integrates with popular third-party tools. For documentation on how to use these integrations, go here and then click on the integration you are interested in.
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Samples & integrations

Sample Application
Don't know where to start? These sample apps for Windows and Linux offer a template that you can use to explore AWS CodeDeploy to get familiar with it before using with your own applications.
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Configuration Management Templates
The templates below demonstrate how you can take existing cookbooks, runlists, or states from configuration management systems and run them as part of an AWS CodeDeploy deployment. These links help show you how to get set up with these:
Chef »
Puppet »
Ansible »
Salt »

Configuration Management Modules
You already have your hosts working with a configuration management system like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or Salt, and want to utilize that infrastructure to install the AWS CodeDeploy Agent. We've built modules for each of these to use for just that:
Chef Cookbook »
Puppet Module »
Ansible Module »

Everything in your workflow is automated except for that last step: pushing to S3 and creating a new AWS CodeDeploy deployment. This plugin adds a new post-build step to integrate with your existing Jenkins workflow.
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Git Repositories
Your entire application, including your AppSpec and deploy hooks are in a Git repository. This sample shows how you can use a git hook to automatically deploy to AWS CodeDeploy on certain git events.
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