AWS Compute Optimizer

Recommends optimal AWS resources to reduce costs and improve performance for your workloads

AWS Compute Optimizer recommends optimal AWS resources for your workloads to reduce costs and improve performance by using machine learning to analyze historical utilization metrics. Overprovisioning resources can lead to unnecessary infrastructure cost, and underprovisioning resources can lead to poor application performance. Compute Optimizer helps you choose optimal configurations for three types of AWS resources—e.g. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, and AWS Lambda functions—based on your utilization data.

By applying the knowledge drawn from Amazon’s own experience running diverse workloads in the cloud, Compute Optimizer identifies workload patterns and recommends optimal AWS resources. Compute Optimizer analyzes the configuration and resource utilization of your workload to identify dozens of defining characteristics, such as, if it is CPU-intensive, if it exhibits a daily pattern, or if a workload accesses local storage frequently. The service processes these characteristics and identifies the hardware resource required by the workload. Compute Optimizer infers how the workload would have performed on various hardware platforms (for example, Amazon EC2 instance types) or using different configurations (for example, Amazon EBS volume IOPS settings, and AWS Lambda function memory sizes) to offer recommendations.

To get started, you can opt in to the service in the AWS Compute Optimizer console.


Lower costs by up to 25%

You can take advantage of the recommendations in Compute Optimizer to reduce costs by up to 25%. Compute Optimizer analyzes the configuration and resource utilization of a workload to identify AWS resources, such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon EBS volumes, and AWS Lambda functions, that might be underprovisioned or overprovisioned. Compute Optimizer then makes recommendations for right-sizing your AWS resources and switching to a different instance size or instance type to save costs.

Optimize performance with actionable recommendations

Compute Optimizer recommends up to three options from 140+ EC2 instance types, as well as a wide range of EBS volume and Lambda function configuration options, to right-size your workloads. Compute Optimizer also projects what the CPU utilization, memory utilization, and runtime of your workload would have been on recommended AWS resource options. This helps you understand how your workload would have performed on the recommended options before implementing the recommendations.

Get started quickly

With just four simple clicks in the AWS Management Console, Compute Optimizer automatically generates recommendations. These recommendations are based on your current resource utilization data from Amazon CloudWatch metrics and AWS resource metadata. You don’t need to invest substantial time and money to set up rules-based thresholds.

How it works

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