With AWS Config, you are charged based on the number of configuration items recorded, the number of active AWS Config rule evaluations and the number of conformance pack evaluations in your account. A configuration item is a record of the configuration state of a resource in your AWS account. An AWS Config rule evaluation is a compliance state evaluation of a resource by an AWS Config rule in your AWS account, and a conformance pack evaluation is the evaluation of a resource by an AWS Config rule within the conformance pack.

Pricing details for Public AWS Regions

Pay only for what you use, with no minimums or upfront commitments. 

Additional costs

Configuration snapshots and configuration history files are delivered to you in the Amazon S3 bucket that you choose, and configuration change notifications are delivered via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). Standard rates for Amazon S3 and Amazon SNS apply. Custom rules are authored using AWS Lambda. Standard rates for AWS Lambda apply.
Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT, GST and applicable sales tax. For more information on AWS Config, see the FAQ.

Pricing example

Let’s assume you have the following usage in US East (N.Virginia) Region in a given month.
10,000 Configuration items recorded across various resource types
50,000 Config rule evaluations across all individual Config rules existing in the account
5 conformance packs, each containing 10 Config rules with 300 rule evaluations per Config rule (i.e. 5*10*300 = 15000 evaluations total)

Cost of configuration items

10,000 * $0.003 = $30

Cost of Config rules

First 100,000 evaluations at $0.001 each = $50

Cost of conformance packs

First 1,000,000 conformance pack evaluations at $0.0012 each = $18

Total Config bill

$30 + $50 + $18 = $98

For more information on AWS Config, see the FAQ.

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