AWS Amplify Feature: Storage

Store user files on AWS, powered by Amazon S3.

Amplify Storage offers a simple mechanism for managing user-created content and app data. Store photos, audio, and video files for your app on device or in public, protected, or private storage modules in the cloud. Leverage cloud scale storage so that you can easily take your application from prototype to production.


User file storage

User files storage

The Amplify library allows you to connect your app with your cloud storage backend and upload content with just a few lines of code.

App data in NoSQL

App data in NoSQL

You app data is stored in a NoSQL database backed by Amazon DynamoDB and can be accessed with a REST API and Lambda function.

Event driven actions

Event driven actions

Associate an AWS Lambda function to be invoked when content is uploaded.

Activity tracking

Activity tracking

Automatically collect upload and download metrics to understand trends and how users interact with your app.

Multiple file access levels

Mutliple file access levels

Allow public as well as private and protected files. The Amplify CLI will automatically provision access levels and IAM policies for both authenticated and guest users.

Web and mobile front-end libraries

Web and mobile front-end libraries

Our web and mobile storage client libraries provide a simple API interface (Storage.get and Storage.put) to build file storage experiences for your app in a few lines of code. Amplify offers APIs that cover scenarios such as tracking status of file upload/downloads, and retrying uploads.

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Build a Photo Sharing App

Learn how to build a full stack cloud application with React, GraphQL, & AWS Amplify. Let users upload and share photos stores in Amazon S3.

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Create an API backed by data in NoSQL

Learn how to build deploy a form API using Lambda and DynamoDB. Create a contact form which stores the user’s name and phone number and allows the data to be fetched from the API.

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