Application Monitoring

Gain full observability into your applications to troubleshoot faster and optimize performance


  • Receive continous data and actionable insights to monitor your applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, and optimize resource utilization. Get out-of-the-box visibility into standard application and service metrics and traces with automatic instrumentation.

  • Reduce the number of incidents and improve response times for your AWS cloud-native, container and serverless workloads and applications. You can quickly correlate high-level health to APIs, infrastructure, metrics, end-to-end traces, synthetics, and user data for rapid troubleshooting and root cause diagnosis to help reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

  • Create service level objectives (SLOs) to define performance goals for critical workloads. Automatically track business-critical metrics like latency and error rates against SLO targets. You can automatically get notified when an SLO is at risk of not being met and take corrective actions.

  • CloudWatch Application Signals automatically provides a correlated view of application performance that includes real user monitoring data and canaries. You can get visibility into customer API availability and disruptions in end user experiences. This allows DevOps teams to rapidly pinpoint the root cause in code, dependencies, or hosting environment before end users are impacted.

Use Cases

Visualize application performance across your workloads

Easily monitor key application metrics and gain insights into performance using CloudWatch Agent automatic instrumentation. The automated dashboard and service map visualize standard vital metrics like volume, availability, latency, faults, and errors for each application, enabling effortless oversight of all your applications on AWS.

Automatically monitor your Amazon EKS applications

With Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals you can get started with no code changes, or manual configuration of agents. Simply specify the services or namespaces you want to monitor, and enable Application Signals for EKS in the CloudWatch console.

You can also quickly start measuring performance for applications running on Amazon EC2, ECS, and on-premises by deploying the CloudWatch agent.

Prioritize operational goals & business KPIs

With Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals you can translate business goals into SLOs to keep track of performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). Save time by leveraging purpose-built, standardized SLOs or create your own, and automatically get alerted on anomalies impacting your workloads and applications to prioritize troubleshooting for critical business or operational goals.

Real User Monitoring & Synthetics to diagnose root causes

    With just a few clicks you can drill down into traces, APIs, and compute resources to get a correlated and comprehensive view of contributors to any application performance issues. Automatically enable user sessions in real time or canaries and see key metrics and browser behavior with CloudWatch Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Amazon Synthetics.