Mapbox is an open-source mapping platform for custom-designed maps that reaches more than 300 million people each month. Mapbox uses Amazon CloudWatch for ingestion of multiple data sources—including native AWS metrics, custom metrics, and logs—as well as monitoring and visualization of key workloads and resource optimization.
“We were looking to consolidate all our monitoring, logging, metrics, and alerting under one tool. CloudWatch has helped us alleviate the operational burden to set up, configure, and learn third-party systems. Our teams use CloudWatch extensively to monitor error rates and status codes for multiple high-profile workloads. We also use CloudWatch to automate Auto Scaling actions, allowing us to optimize the cost of Amazon EC2 instance types powering our Amazon ECS clusters. CloudWatch Events enable us to provide utilization and pricing information to teams so they can audit account security, trigger AWS Lambda actions for compliance and security use cases, and schedule our resources using the cloud. CloudWatch enables next-level automation and expands the capacity of each individual.”

Emily McAfee, Platform Engineering Manager, Mapbox



Pushpay’s purpose is to bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging. We build world-class giving and mobile app publishing solutions to help organizations grow their communities.
“Our current log analytics solution requires setup and maintenance overhead, has differing retention requirements, and is cost prohibitive, making it impossible for our Engineering team to be able to access and query logs in both development and test environments. With CloudWatch Logs Insights, we are now able to query logs within CloudWatch Logs reducing operational complexity. Pay per query gives us flexibility to scale at our own pace and our engineers can begin to consume and query logs without waiting for the setup, integration, and ingestion to take place with our current solution. We also benefit from viewing metrics and logs allowing faster troubleshooting. Logs Insights is an effective and in-expensive solution for our engineers to monitor their applications and perform log diving all from single AWS console.”

Peter Goodman, Director Site Reliability Engineering, Pushpay



SendGrid is a provider of cloud email and sends more than 40 billion emails each month for more than 69,000 paying customers. SendGrid adopted Amazon CloudWatch early in its migration to AWS in order to gain system visibility, operational insights, and resource optimization.
“CloudWatch allows us to collect metrics from AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway, as well as logs from AWS Lambda functions. We appreciated being able to integrate natively, without the need for a self-managed stack or third -party SaaS vendor. This helped us start alerting, auto scaling, and capacity planning very quickly. Being able to address our primary use cases quickly and simply made CloudWatch a preferred solution.“

Joshua Barratt, Architect II, SendGrid



CloudPassage provides comprehensive security, visibility, and continuous compliance for public cloud infrastructure. The company’s Halo platform uses a comprehensive set of security and compliance features to ensure the critical business assets of more than 100 customers—from the Fortune 50 to high-growth startups—are protected.
Amazon CloudWatch enables CloudPassage to perform indexed searches of tens of gigabytes of logs daily. Using CloudWatch Logs, the company manages and analyzes logs in one place, whether they are received from Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS CodeBuild, or custom sources. “We use a microservices-based architecture. Amazon CloudWatch was an instant solution as it required no infrastructure set up or maintenance. CloudWatch has no issues handling our scale and removed the operational burden of integrating and managing multiple tools. The most important benefit for us is the decrease in MTTR (mean time to repair), as our DevOps team can quickly find issues across our container infrastructure. Our customers benefit from this by experiencing a stable platform, which enables faster discovery and fixes of potential bugs as well as accelerated feature development. Less time finding and fixing bugs in existing functionality means more time for our developers to spend building new features.”

Vitaliy Geraymovych, Co-founder and Vice President, Engineering, CloudPassage



Learn how ConnectWise is leveraging Amazon CloudWatch to monitor it's application infrastructure.

Kiet Nguyen, Director of Cloud Services, ConnectWise



Learn how CloudWatch Agent makes it easy for customers like Rackspace to monitor their VMs. 
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