As part of the AWS Disaster Response program, Project Resilience supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) public sector customers whose business continuity is critical to a community's resilience. Project Resilience helps you protect your applications and data from potential impacts caused by human errors or natural and manmade disasters while leveraging long-term retention for your datasets.

We’re offering up to $5,000 in AWS Project Resilience Credit to state and local governments, community organizations, and education institutions supporting their business continuity plans in the cloud. Eligible new customers can submit a request to offset costs incurred by storing and recovering critical applications and datasets in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). Eligible existing customers can submit a request to offset costs incurred by engaging CloudEndure from AWS, as well as your backup software vendor of choice. Customers can apply up to $5,000 in credit towards leveraging AWS Professional Services or choose to work with an AWS Partner for support with implementation.

Disaster Response

If you receive Resilience Credit for complimentary usage of AWS, this credit will be good for one year or until the Resilience Credit has been fully used. Please make sure to account for the duration of the Resilience Credit in your project timeline, as the end date cannot be extended. Resilience Credit will expire if unused.

AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions

Description of needs should include types of datasets that need to be stored for continuity (optional if information is classified):

The information you provide is subject to the Privacy Notice. Applicants will be notified by email. Your participation in the AWS Project Resilience Program is subject to the general AWS Customer Agreement terms or other terms governing your use of AWS services and the AWS Project Resilience Program. Terms and Conditions.