AWS DeepRacer for Educators

Take students on a tour of machine learning (ML) through the excitement of autonomous racing by going hands-on with AWS DeepRacer, using all new resources to help bring ML into the classroom.

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AWS DeepRacer Educator Playbooks

Since 2021, AWS DeepRacer Student has offered students a self-paced solution to learn, practice, and apply machine learning (ML) skills. Educators worldwide requested a way to directly integrate AWS DeepRacer into their classrooms to supplement ML and computer science courses for high school and college students.

The new Educator playbooks provide easy-to-integrate learning objectives, outcomes, and hands-on activity tutorials. These allow educators to enrich the AWS DeepRacer Student experience and customize it to fit their classroom needs. Students can put their ML skills to the test with model training and friendly competition through the global AWS DeepRacer Student league or private community races hosted by their educator.

Educator benefits

With AWS DeepRacer Student, students can learn the fundamentals of ML through self-paced lessons and the ability to go hand-on by applying the concepts to race autonomously in a virtual simulation environment. By racing ML models in the AWS DeepRacer Student League, students can compete to win prizes and scholarships while honing their skills; with no credit card required. All educator resources are offered free of charge to make ML education more accessible to students. Take advantage of the following benefits to help your students get on the ML fast track. 

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Curated lesson guides

Reduce prep time with customizable lesson plans providing learning objectives, outcomes, and key concepts, to tailor ML curriculum to fit your students' needs.

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Flexible classroom integration

Easily integrate into your classroom with activity suggestions that have comprehensive instructions for conducting hands-on labs for both virtual and in-person learning environments. 

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Host races for your class

Easily set-up and manage your own individual races for your students both in a virtual simulation or with physical devices on a live track. 

Classrooms around the globe are going hands-on

University of Kansas bridges the gap between the classroom and real-world ›

Students can experience the thrill of racing autonomous vehicles powered by reinforcement learning models they build and train themselves. In person activations will bring ML to life, as students see their models compete on a live track with a physical AWS DeepRacer device.

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Stock up with the AWS DeepRacer storefront

The new AWS DeepRacer storefront on provides a complete list of every recommended item needed to host a physical race. For a limited time, the AWS DeepRacer device and sensor kit are 30% off for back to school. This promotion ends November 14. 

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