Quick start guide

Includes step-by-step guide to assemble, get connected and test drive
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Step 1. Unboxing AWS DeepRacer

This step-by-step guide covers what comes in the box, initial set up and battery charging. 

Step 2. Assembling AWS DeepRacer

This step-by-step guide walks though assembling the car and connecting to Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Calibrating AWS DeepRacer

This step-by-step guide walks though calibrating the car to improve it's driving behaviour. 


Step 4. Build your own track

Follow these steps to build a simple track to test drive at home or in the office.


Step 5. Build your model

Take this e-learning course to build your reinforcement learning model.


Step 6. Connect with racers

Join the AWS DeepRacer Slack community to find and share racing tips.

Racing Tips

Visit the AWS DeepRacer Pit Stop to find the most up to date resources and advice from our experts on how to tune models to improve lap times, and share racing strategy with racers from around the world.  

Learn more about pricing

Information on AWS DeepRacer pricing and integration with other AWS services.

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