Broadcast-grade video-on-demand and live streaming workloads can be built using AWS Media Services and CloudFront, to stream content to millions of viewers. Video streaming solutions are architected on AWS according to the use case (e.g. VoD versus Live), and on business requirements (e.g. level of redundancy, ad insertion, etc..). A video streaming solution has in general components for video encoding, packaging, origination and delivery.

Common use cases

Video-On-Demand (VoD)

To get started with a VoD solution on AWS, deploy this AWS Solution. This solution uses the following main AWS services to build a highly available and resilient architecture:

  • S3 to store the mezzanine video files
  • MediaConvert to transcode media files from their source format into versions that play back on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices.
  • MediaPackage (optional) to create video streams formatted to play on several devices from a single video input.
  • CloudFront for content delivery.
  • Other serverless components such as SQS, Lambda and SNS to orchestrate the video processing workflow.

Broadcast-grade live Streaming

To get started with a Broadcast-grade live Streaming solution on AWS, deploy this AWS Solution. The solution uses the following main AWS services necessary to ingest, transcode, and deliver live streaming video:

  • MediaLive, which ingests two input feeds and transcodes your content into two adaptive bitrate (ABR) HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams as output.
  • MediaPackage ingests the MediaLive ABR output and packages the live stream into HLS, Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), and Common Media Application Format (CMAF) formats that are delivered from three MediaPackage custom endpoints.
  • A CloudFront distribution is configured to use the MediaPackage custom endpoints as its origin and includes a CDN identifier custom HTTP header to authenticate requests. MediaPackage only fulfills playback requests that are authorized between MediaPackage and CloudFront using the CDN Identifier. This CDN Identifier is created as part of the CloudFormation deployment and securely stored in AWS Secrets Manager.
  • CloudFront for content delivery.

Managed live Streaming solution with Amazon IVS

If you are looking for a managed live streaming solution at a less than 15 000 concurrent viewers scale, consider using Amazon IVS. Amazon IVS is a fully managed live streaming solution: simply stream to Amazon IVS, and the service does everything you need to make low-latency live video available to any viewer around the globe. Amazon IVS handles the ingestion, transcoding, packaging, and delivery of your live content. Amazon IVS includes Broadcast SDK and Player SDK to simplify integration work required on your part on the streamer and viewer player. With Amazon IVS's low latency, built-in Timed Metadata API and Stream Chat, you can create new and engaging live experiences. For example, the Timed Metadata API allows you to inject metadata into your live video streams, which can be used to display graphics, banners, polls, or any other component.

To get hands on experience with Amazon IVS, consider this workshop.


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