Expedia, Inc. is one of the world’s leading travel companies, helping millions of travelers per month easily plan and book travel. “We are in the process of migrating some databases to Amazon Aurora,” said Kuldeep Chowhan, Principal Engineer, Expedia, Inc. “The ease by which we can do this using the AWS Database Migration Service has simplified this process for us and enabled us to accelerate our migration efforts. The ability to closely monitor the process, the detailed logging feature, and the support we received from AWS have given us a great deal of confidence in a successful migration.”


Thomas Publishing has been in business for over a century, connecting buyers and suppliers across all industrial sectors, evolving from an industrial trade print publisher into industry’s most respected group of digital-friendly businesses. “Faced with the challenge of rapidly growing volumes of data and the need to increase efficiency and deliver results on shorter timelines, we were confronted with unattractive options requiring significant upfront investment in both infrastructure and Oracle license expense,” said Hans Wald, Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Publishing. “We were intrigued by the possibilities when we first learned about Amazon Aurora from our partner Apps Associates, but the magnitude of effort to migrate legacy PL/SQL code seemed to rule out the feasibility of this approach at the outset. The availability of the AWS Database Migration Service caused us to take another look at this problem, and after a careful evaluation, we demonstrated that the AWS Database Migration Service automated most of the work and dramatically reduced the manual effort involved in the code migration. The AWS Database Migration Service will be a key enabler for our plans to migrate more databases to Amazon Aurora in 2016.”


Pegasystems, whose customers include many of the world’s most sophisticated and successful enterprises, develops strategic applications for sales, marketing, service, and operations. “In our testing, the AWS Database Migration Service reduced the manual effort and time required to migrate applications from our stand-alone databases to AWS-powered datastores,” said Willy Fox, VP of Cloud Product and Commercialization, Pegasystems. “Now that the AWS Database Migration Service is generally available, we are going to use it to onboard our customers to AWS so that they can realize value even faster from their Pega 7 platform and strategic applications.”


Veoci, created by Grey Wall Software, is the technology leader in crisis and emergency preparedness and management, serving corporations and organizations worldwide every day in drills and in actual situations. “Without the AWS Database Migration Service, we would have had to do a tremendous amount of work to move our MySQL databases between our different AWS accounts,” said Simon Tamas, Co-Founder, Grey Wall Software. “The AWS Database Migration Service will help us complete our database migration with minimal disruption, which would have been impossible for us to do previously without experiencing significant downtime.”