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AWS Educate Cloud Program Verification

What is Cloud Program Verification?

AWS Educate’s Cloud Program Verification helps institutions prepare students for in-demand careers in cloud computing by aligning academic programs to entry-level job requirements.

AWS Educate works with academic institutions—including high schools, community colleges, vocational schools, technical academies, and universities—to embed cloud-specific learning objectives and hands-on work into their programs to reflect the demands of employers who are seeking cloud-skilled professionals.

AWS Educate works with institutions to:

  • Support leaders with the cross-functional work necessary to transform traditional academic programs into pathways that lead to careers in cloud computing.
  • Align curriculum with the cloud computing skills and competencies that employers seek in working professionals.
  • Train faculty through professional development sessions in cloud concepts.
  • Provide students with resources and training to understand and set goals towards a career path in cloud computing.
  • Engage employers with academic institutions to build a pipeline into in-demand cloud career opportunities.
Cloud Program Verification

The increasing demand for cloud skills

Increasing demand for cloud skills

Cloud computing has been a top LinkedIn skill for the past five years, and the average salary for someone with an AWS Certification tops $100K. The global public cloud computing market has consistently grown 15% YoY and is projected to continue to do so through 2022 according to Gartner.

By working with faculty, AWS Educate partners with academic institutions to integrate cloud-related learning into their curriculum for a cloud computing degree or certificate.


AWS Educate will work with your institution to:

Map Curriculum

Map Curriculum

Map curriculum to cloud careers.

Develop Faculty

Develop Faculty

Develop faculty to build cloud knowledge.

Support Students

Support Students

Support students on a cloud career path.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) expands its curriculum development partnership with Virginia's community colleges and four-year universities. Through the partnership, AWS will work with the public institutions to help integrate cloud technology course work into curricula while supporting student learning.

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AWS Launches Bay Area Consortium for Cloud Computing Ed

AWS is working with a group of California community colleges and state universities to develop a multi-course curriculum that will give those institutions a framework to develop courses focused on cloud computing. This new consortium builds on an AWS Educate program with the Los Angeles Community College District that was announced in August 2018.

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How Amazon is Collaborating with Community Colleges to Build Texas's Cloud Computing Workforce

AWS Educate, Ruth Hughs, Texas Secretary of State, Senator Royce West, educational leaders, and workforce development groups announced a new cloud degree initiative to help prepare students for cloud computing job opportunities. The collaborative initiative will scale to create pathways to in-demand, technology careers for students across the state of Texas.

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Louisiana Community and Technical College System Announce Collaboration with AWS to Support Cloud Computing Opportunities Across Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards, in conjunction with GNO Inc. and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS), announce a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to unlock new opportunities in cloud computing across the state of Louisiana.

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