AWS re:Invent 2019: Best practices: migrating Redis clusters from Amazon EC2 to ElastiCache

Move to Managed with Amazon ElastiCache

Managing Redis clusters on your own can be hard. You have to provision hardware, patch software, back up data, and monitor workloads constantly. Now, with the newly released Online Migration feature for Amazon ElastiCache, you can easily move your data from self-hosted Redis on Amazon EC2 to fully managed Amazon ElastiCache, with cluster mode disabled.

Watch this session to learn about the new Online Migration tool with hands-on best practices for a smooth migration to Amazon ElastiCache, including a demo.

  • Online Migration to ElastiCache Tool - migrate your data from self-hosted Redis on Amazon EC2 to Amazon ElastiCache. Read the documentation »
  • What's New: Amazon ElastiCache now supports online data migration from Redis on Amazon EC2. Read the announcement »

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