What is AWS Elemental Delta?

AWS Elemental Delta is an on-premises video delivery system designed to optimize the monetization, management, and distribution of multiscreen video across internal and external IP networks. Through just-in-time (JIT) video packaging and intelligent caching, the system enables a complete solution for time-shifted TV and real-time content delivery with advanced levels of customization and control, including network bandwidth optimization, profile manipulation, and highly targeted ad insertion. AWS Elemental Delta origin functionality integrates seamlessly with AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Server allowing pay TV operators and content providers to monetize assets by deploying video delivery infrastructure that expands content delivery, enhances OTT services and capabilities, and reduces video distribution costs.

When should I choose an AWS Elemental Delta on-premises solution instead of the AWS Elemental MediaPackage service?

AWS Elemental Delta is best used in workflows that need to accommodate physical camera and router interfaces, managed network delivery, or network bandwidth constraints. For video workflows that are not limited to on-premises locations, cloud-based AWS Elemental MediaPackage processes live or on-demand video with the same feature functionality as AWS Elemental Delta along with the flexibility, agility, scale, and pay-as-you-go usability of AWS cloud services.

What is just-in-time packaging and origination?

In a video processing workflow, a just-in-time packaging and origination product customizes live video streams or VOD assets for delivery in a format compatible with the device making the request. An advanced origin is used to convert incoming content from a single format to multiple delivery formats while applying DRM standards, allowing it to serve streaming video content in response to requests from users to devices such as tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and set-top boxes.

How does AWS Elemental Delta compare to packaging services from Content Delivery Networks (CDN)?

AWS Elemental Delta offers highly customizable packaging options and parameters, providing flexibility for streaming protocols, segment sizes, manifest manipulation, subtitles, and other metadata handling along with broad DRM support. With some CDNs, the options for packaging are limited to a given set of parameters. Unlike CDN-based packaging services that only work with their specific CDN, AWS Elemental Delta is CDN-agnostic, offering customers an easy way to implement a multi-CDN strategy and improve audience quality of service using third-party tools.

How can I connect AWS Elemental Delta to a DRM Key Management System (KMS)?

WS Elemental Delta supports a published DRM API based on the Content Protection Information Exchange (CPIX) standard that makes integrating with DRM Key providers easier. Many providers, like Verimatrix, Irdeto, BuyDRM, castLabs EZDRM, and Conax have already implemented the API, with others coming on board soon.

What options does AWS Elemental Delta support for content ingest?

Ingest MPEG-TS and standard streaming protocols including Microsoft Smooth Streaming, HLS and RTMP. MP4 files are also supported for VOD content workflows.

What options does AWS Elemental Delta support for content output?

Create multiple resolution and bitrate outputs targeting a variety of players and platforms on request, including outputs for adaptive streaming targets such as MPEG- DASH, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe HDS, and Apple devices and set-top boxes using HLS. Transform content between delivery formats including metadata and captions for maximum workflow efficiency.