AWS Elemental Delta

Package and deliver live and on-demand video on-premises

In a video processing workflow, a packaging and origination solution customizes live video streams or VOD assets for delivery in a format compatible with the viewer’s device. It takes compressed video content from an encoder and packages it from a single format into multiple delivery formats for distribution across IP networks while applying digital rights management (DRM) standards. However, this process can add significant cost and complexity to a streaming video workflow. By deploying just-in-time video packaging downstream of a video encoder, content providers can reduce storage and distribution costs while simplifying content delivery for live or on-demand video.

When video packaging needs to be done on-premises, such as when working with local encoders or storage, AWS Elemental Delta reliably packages and protects your video for delivery to internet-connected devices on a just-in-time basis, reducing the need for costly storage of encoded video assets. It transforms a broad range of video inputs into outputs formatted for live or on-demand viewing on connected TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. As a single repository for your library of video-on-demand (VOD) assets, AWS Elemental Delta uses fewer resources by supporting multiple versions of the same asset in different formats.

Popular time-shifted TV services, such as start-over, catch-up, and pause TV, are simple to implement with AWS Elemental Delta. It can also protect your content using built-in encryption and decryption and support for a broad range of DRM solutions. You can deploy AWS Elemental Delta on-premises as appliances or as AWS-licensed software on your infrastructure.


How it Works

Customer Use Case

Globosat, one of Latin America’s biggest pay TV players and Brazil’s leading multichannel broadcaster and content provider, took on the challenge of delivering HDR video streams as a part of its soccer tournament coverage. At the heart of the Globosat solution for this event was a combination of the AWS Elemental Delta video delivery platform and AWS Elemental Live encoders. Video origination from the event location, including HDR signaling, was processed by the live encoders to produce a range of bitrates in HDR and SDR formats which were packaged and encrypted by AWS Elemental Delta in a range of HLS and DASH stream types.


Deploy anywhere, deliver everywhere

Deployed on-premises as appliances or as AWS-licensed software on your infrastructure, AWS Elemental Delta serves as a single repository for all of the video assets in your content library. Use AWS Elemental Delta to package video into multiple resolution and bitrate outputs just-in-time as video players request them, enabling efficient global content delivery to any type of device, using legacy formats as well as the latest consumer standards such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Deliver dynamic experiences

Delight consumers with high-quality experiences on TVs and connected devices. Easily deliver advanced features like start-over and catch-up TV, delayed viewing, and pausing live TV. Instantly generate frame-accurate VOD assets from live channels for immediate availability of clips and time-shifted TV content, and save time and cost by only transcoding the content you need. Through easy-to-update software, AWS Elemental Delta keeps pace with industry standards so you can continue to deliver high-quality video as screens and devices evolve.

Optimize content storage and delivery

Storing multiple HTTP streaming formats can consume vast amounts of storage. Through just-in-time packaging, AWS Elemental Delta avoids storing multiple versions of each asset, reducing your storage requirements and costs. AWS Elemental Delta optimizes content for bitrate, resolution, audio format, captions, and number of channels, which lets you deliver high-quality content while maintaining cost-efficient distribution.

Monetize premium content

Take advantage of targeted advertising for live and on-demand content. Multi-period DASH support lets you deploy server-side ad insertion and expand your monetization options. Control parameters for ad insertion, ad removal, and ad replacement through the web interface or APIs and deliver personalized advertising based on information such as geographical location or playback device. Replace existing ad units with targeted ads in real time and use third-party ad decision servers to serve specific ads based on user profiles.

Keep your content secure

With a combined packager and origin server, your assets are stored and encrypted at rest, enabling AWS Elemental Delta to secure content throughout the entire video delivery workflow, from ingest to device playback. Just-in-time DRM lets you apply industry-standard content protection on the fly using a variety of formats as media is packaged for delivery. The Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) lets you quickly and easily integrate AWS Elemental Delta with any SPEKE-enabled DRM solution.

Implement with a range of infrastructures

AWS Elemental Delta easily integrates with other AWS media solutions, including AWS Elemental Appliances and Software and AWS Elemental Media Services. It is also interoperable with solutions from third-party vendors for video encoding, content distribution, monetization, and other video workloads.

Build robust VOD workflows

Take advantage of a broad range of features to build complex video workflows and deliver rich viewing experiences. Easily configure and maintain clusters of packagers for maximum redundancy and resilience. Simplify deployment of large VOD catalogs and support up to one million assets while maintaining outstanding performance and resilience. Easily manage live-to-VOD asset life-cycles and grow VOD libraries without incurring additional cost or impacting density.

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