This platform features on-demand broadcasts of the AWS Summit Auckland’s most exciting and informative sessions. Whether you attended or not, make this your premium resource and guide to ensuring a well-planned and well-executed cloud computing strategy powered by AWS.


Hear from the region's forward-thinking customers on their current successes powered by the AWS Cloud.

Introductory & Intermediate

For beginners looking to ramp up their cloud adoption. Includes overviews of AWS services, features and benefits, best practices tips, and demos.

Advanced & Expert

For those familiar with the AWS Platform. Includes deep dives into service features, deployment and architecture examples, lessons learnt, and complex topics such advanced coding, infrastructure design and solutions.

Business Track Sessions

Focuses on the business benefits of the AWS platform such as cost savings, agility and innovation.

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Watch Recorded Sessions
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Watch Recorded Sessions
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This session will introduce you to the "Well Architected" framework along with a number of key takeaways on setting solid architectural foundations.


In this session we will bring some clarity to the increasingly complex big data landscape and look at the common patterns for the ingest, storage, processing, and analysis of different types of data on the AWS platform.


In this session, you’ll see demonstrations and hear more about the upcoming launch of Lambda to the ANZ region. We’ll show you how to use Lambda to build web, mobile, or IoT backends and voice-enabled apps, and we'll show you how to extend both AWS and third party services by triggering Lambda functions. We’ll also provide productivity and performance tips for getting the most out of your Lambda functions and show how cloud native architectures use Lambda to eliminate “cold servers” and excess capacity without sacrificing scalability or responsiveness.


Session reviews best practices and recommended architectures for deploying microservices on AWS with a focus on how to exploit the benefits of microservices to decrease feature cycle times and costs while increasing reliability, scalability, and overall operational efficiency.


Whether it’s application services or end user computing, cloud is the new normal for organisations of all sizes. In this session you will learn how to realise the benefits of running a complete Microsoft Enterprise environment securely and cost effectively within the AWS Cloud. Covering topics such as the AWS Active Directory Service, SQL Server, and remote desktops. We will also provide insight into management options including AWS Simple Systems Management (SSM). This session will set you up for success to migrate and operate your Microsoft workloads on AWS.


Microsoft Developers have many development options to migrate their .Net application to Docker and new cross platform container technologies like Docker/ECS and ElasticBeanstalk. Come and see how you can cloud enable your existing and green field applications on AWS.


In this session we look at patterns and architectures for developing connected applications using AWS IoT. We dive into demo applications that tie together physical IoT devices, web browsers, identity providers, and mobile devices to create smart, connected applications using Amazon Web Services.


We will introduce key concepts for a data lake and present aspects related to its implementation. Also discussing critical success factors, pitfalls to avoid operational aspects, and insights on how AWS enables a server-less data lake architecture.


Learn how to get your changes in the hands of your customers with more speed, reliability, security and quality.

We will dive deep into architectures for continuous delivery pipelines, apply lean principles, and build intelligence into your pipeline.


Provides insights on server-less IT ops designs, building end-to-end automation systems, implementing robust security controls, and automated response to IT behavioural analysis to ensure that your operations and management of the AWS Platform is designed to deliver scale, resiliency, security, and is cost optimised.


Session highlights the features of a Cloud-enabled IT operating model and how AWS customers benefit from delivering a new approach to IT.


Review of the concepts of VPC, how to create it, how to connect to your VPC, and what to take into consideration when managing your environment to ensure that you start off on the right foot with AWS.