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Customers across virtually every industry and of every size–including startups, enterprises, and public sector organizations, are running on AWS to meet the needs of every imaginable use case.

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Unlock the full potential of AI and machine learning with these resources.

  • Accelerate AI/ML journey
  • 7 leading machine learning use cases

    Move beyond the hype and discover the tangible benefits of machine learning. In this eBook, we have outlined seven leading use cases where businesses have successfully applied machine learning to achieve fast, efficient, measurable results.
    Read the 7 leading machine learning use cases eBook to learn more about these use cases and the requirements you should look for when identifying a suitable application for machine learning, such as:

    • Solves real business problems
    • Leverages sources of untapped data
    • Can be completed in a matter of months

    6 steps to success with generative AI

    Businesses can unlock significant value across the organization with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

    Follow the proven path to machine learning success. The 6 Steps to Machine Learning Success eBook will guide you on your ML journey and help you achieve measurable results at every stage along the way. Read the eBook to learn about:

    • A successful machine learning journey in 6 steps
    • How to transform ML investments into competitive advantages
    • Inspiring stories of industry leaders who’ve successfully implemented machine learning
    • Insights from AWS machine learning experts

    Maximize the business value of generative AI

    Organizations across industries and around the world are leveraging generative AI to boost productivity, improve customer experiences, develop new products and services, enhance personalization, and unlock new efficiencies.

    Read the Maximize the business value of generative AI eBook to learn how your organization can get the most out of this revolutionary technology with AWS, including:

    • The most cost-effective cloud infrastructure for generative AI
    • A host of artificial intelligence (AI) services and solutions for your use case
    • Years of trusted AI expertise

    Achieving transformative business results with artificial intelligence

    By providing the broadest and most complete set of AI services, AWS is able to meet its customers wherever they’re at in their AI journeys and help them achieve specific objectives.

    Read the Achieving transformative business results with artificial intelligence eBook to learn why hundreds of thousands of organizations use AWS AI to:

    • Improve customer experiences
    • Optimize business operations
    • Accelerate innovation

    Answering your 4 biggest questions about generative ai security

    Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly popular, but security professionals advise caution. Data privacy, model bias, harmful content creation (such as deepfakes), and the influence of malicious input on models are reasons to approach generative AI adoption with care.

    Discover how to begin envisioning and implementing protective measures for generative AI workloads by exploring four key questions that must be addressed on the journey to safe and compliant generative AI adoption:

    • What do you need to protect?
    • How can you help maintain compliant performance?
    • How can you ensure the models perform as intended?
    • Where should you start?

    Machine learning at scale

    Machine learning (ML) has become a core technology ingredient for organizations to drive real-world innovation, yet many are struggling to bring more ML models into production in a repeatable and responsible way. Read our eBook, Machine Learning at Scale: High-Performance, Low-Cost Machine Learning for Any Use Case, to learn how you can:

    • Democratize machine learning by empowering more users to generate predictions
    • Leverage AWS customer stories to inspire ML success
    • Use MLOps practices to bring models from idea to production
    • Process all types of data at scale to make more accurate predictions
  • AI use cases
  • Drive business growth with personalization

    Personalizing content for online consumers is key to breaking through the noise. Yet brands face challenges that prevent them from providing these seamless, relevant experiences. The result is fractured communications and limited visibility into customer needs.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) enables you to provide customers with relevant recommendations and ultimately improve brand loyalty. Read the drive business growth with personalization eBook to learn:

    • How AI can overcome traditional personalization challenges to increase engagement and conversion
    • How industries like Media and Entertainment (M&E) and Retail are leveraging personalization powered by AI
    • How a company successfully used AI powered personalization to double its response rates for content recommendations

    Automate document data extraction & analysis

    Escape from manual document processing and find freedom in a machine learning solution. Work more efficiently with intelligent document processing.

    Read the Automate document data extraction and analysis eBook to learn how you can use artificial intelligence to:

    • Enable faster document processing to accomplish what once took months or weeks in a matter of days
    • Improve customer satisfaction by providing your clients with more accurate information faster and with higher efficiency
    • Boost productivity by helping workers spend more time on business-critical tasks

    Improving customer experience by adding AI to your contact center

    It’s time to leave behind the challenges of legacy contact centers—long wait times, misdirected calls, and resolution delays. Instead, deploy the power of machine learning and give customers the solutions they need.

    Read the Improving Customer Experience by Adding AI to Your Contact Center eBook to learn how you can leverage AWS AI services to:

    • Empower customers with self-service technologies
    • Increase agent productivity by providing AI assistance during live calls
    • Identify business improvement opportunities by deriving actionable insights from conversation data
    • Establish efficient call centers and create great customer experiences

    4 ways to revolutionize marketing & sales with generative AI

    From customizing content to automating tasks, unlock the marketing and sales benefits of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help your teams move faster, work smarter, and explore new concepts.

    In the 4 ways to revolutionize marketing and sales with generative AI eBook, learn how AWS generative AI solutions can help your marketing, advertising, and sales teams reduce operational costs while:

    • Augmenting creative thinking
    • Creating engaging customer experiences
    • Boosting productivity
    • Mitigating risks to privacy and compliance

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