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 October 26: Modern Apps Edition
Unlock rapid innovation with modern applications and generative AI.
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Find modern application development resources to help you innovate fast, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market.

Build modern applications on AWS

Building modern applications means building with technologies and development techniques that support faster innovation and improved performance, security, and reliability, all while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). The eBook Build Modern Applications on AWS uncovers three pathways that can help your organization deliver on all those benefits—while driving more business value.

Unleash the power of modern apps with generative AI on AWS

Generative AI is defining a new era of innovation. But leveraging the right technologies for commercial generative AI applications can be costly and time consuming.

With its portfolio of generative AI solutions, AWS is breaking those barriers and powering innovation, enabling companies like Accenture to increase developer productivity by up to 30 percent.

Read Unleash the Power of Generative AI: Build Better Applications, faster to learn how we can help you create innovative products that deliver new customer experiences.

Determining the total cost of ownership: comparing serverless and server-based technologies

Serverless applications can save up to 68 percent of development costs by automatically allocating compute on a pay-for-use basis. Read the Deloitte whitepaper Determining the Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Serverless and Server-based Technologies to learn more.

Unlock digital transformation by modernizing with containers

Modern applications built with containers on AWS help organizations easily deploy, manage, and scale applications.

Our informative eBook provides a practical overview of how these containerized applications offer improved scalability and development agility along with enhanced security and cost-efficiency for your organization.

Download the eBook to learn how you can run modern applications with ease.

Seamless Kubernetes on premises and in the cloud

Workloads that need to remain on premises can benefit from the security, reliability, and ease of management provided by Kubernetes. Read the whitepaper Seamless Kubernetes On Premises and in the Cloud to learn how you can simplify on-premises Kubernetes management with default component configurations and automated cluster management tools with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) Anywhere.

An introduction to event-driven architectures

Event-driven architectures (EDAs) leverage the power of AWS services to handle and process events asynchronously. Read the guide An Introduction to Event-driven Architectures to learn more.

Discover how EDAs enable teams to:

  • Increase flexibility and streamline workflows
  • Save costs and simplify integrations
  • Provide better customer experiences at scale

Building event-driven architectures on AWS

Event-driven architectures (EDAs) enable your teams to build and deploy applications independently to gain agility and marketplace advantage. Read the eBook Building Event-driven Architectures on AWS to learn the key concepts, best practices, and benefits of EDAs.
Gain valuable insights:

  • Increase developer agility
  • Enhance fault tolerance and scalability
  • Accelerate innovation

Accelerate full-stack web and mobile app development on AWS

Looking to innovate faster with modern web and mobile applications that delight customers? Read the Accelerate Full-Stack Web and Mobile App Development eBook to learn more.

Learn three proven tips to help you:

  • Empower your frontend teams with flexible, purpose-built tools and frameworks
  • Simplify access to distributed data sources with unified GraphQL and pub/sub APIs
  • Reduce management issues and complexities with managed and serverless services

Amazon Web Services Modernization Accelerator — AWS Helps Organizations Go Beyond Lift and Shift

AWS Modernization Accelerator (ModAx) offers prescriptive guidance and hands on support through a structured Modernization Accelerator program. AWS partners with customers to identify potential modernization opportunities, prioritize and develop an minimum viable product (MVP) to help build customer confidence and expedite the modernization journey adoption.

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