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Dive deeper with these resources to help you develop an effective plan for your modernization journey.

Business value of cloud modernization

Understanding the business value of infrastructure and application modernization can be difficult. AWS and the analysts at Known have simplified the process by measuring the change in 22 unique KPIs for cloud modernization. The results show a direct correlation between key modernization paths and KPI improvements, such as:

  • Reduced app downtime by up to 40 percent with containers
  • Increased frequency of feature deployment up to 41 percent with serverless
  • Improved TCO of up to 39 percent with a pay-for-value billing model

Build modern applications on AWS

Through our experience building applications for as well as from serving millions of customers worldwide, AWS recommends proven paths for organizations to translate a vision of application modernization into a reality, including:

  • Move from idea to market faster by streamlining app development and eliminating operational overhead
  • Lower your total costs with serverless services that automatically optimize resources and operational cost
  • Improve scalability with services that help you start quickly, scale as you go, and manage complexity as your apps evolve

Accelerate full-stack web and mobile development

Developing scalable, secure, high-performance web and mobile apps that empower users—while minimizing cost and complexity—is no easy task. AWS recommends three strategies that our customers employ to get it right.

  • Help developer teams be more productive
  • Streamline access to data sources
  • Reduce operational overhead and reinvest in innovation

An introduction to event-driven architectures

Event-driven architectures (EDAs) enable you to build scalable, resilient applications that engage users with more responsive experiences. Read Introduction to Event-Driven Architectures to learn more about benefits that include increased developer agility, more scalable and resilient apps, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Explore common use cases such as:

  • Communication for web and mobile backends
  • SaaS application integration
  • Automating business workflows
  • Infrastructure automation

Building event-driven architectures with AWS

For organizations that want to increase agility and build more reliable, scalable applications, event-driven architectures (EDAs) are an effective approach to building complex applications with less risk. Read the guide to learn:

  • Common patterns and use cases
  • Key considerations for design
  • Best practices for making architectural choices

Determining the total cost of ownership: Comparing serverless and server-based technologies

Adopting a serverless compute strategy helps you increase agility and reduce time to market, all while lowering the cost of application development and maintenance. Read this comprehensive comparison between serverless and traditional sever-based technologies to learn how you can:

  • Reduce app development costs by up to 68 percent
  • Save up to 80 percent on app maintenance
  • Lower overall TCO

Continuous learning, continuous modernization

Modern applications present a huge business advantage for organizations, but continuous modernization can be challenging. To stay modern, providing teams and individuals with continuous cloud training is critical. Read our eBook to learn how an AWS Training and Certification partnership can help get you there.

  • Build a strong knowledge of modular, serverless architectures and container management
  • Deliver hands-on learning experiences with classroom training from AWS experts
  • Expand skills anytime, anywhere with free, self-paced digital, live, and virtual courses

Featured customers

Customers across virtually every industry and of every size – including startups, enterprises, and public sector organizations – are running on AWS to meet the needs of every imaginable use case.

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Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services for the 11th straight year

3x faster with Amazon EMR than standard Apache Spark


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200,000+ data lakes run on AWS


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YoY growth of AWS container services

550,000+ databases migrated to AWS.


less time spent on provisioning a serverless environment compared to a server-based environment

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