Innovation Corner

Are you ready to see what you can achieve by leveraging the latest breakthroughs in technology and innovation? Curious on how AWS is used in your daily life? Visit us at the innovation corner to see AWS in action! Discover concrete examples of solutions that can be created with AWS through demonstrators in Industry, Mobility, Sustainability, Retail and Public Sector. - Extracting useful insights from driving data

Extracting useful insights from driving data: the needle in haystack of AD/ADAS development. IVEX offers a software to efficiently detect driving scenarios in large amounts of data. The scenarios are used to improve vehicle performance, validate its behavior and identify new unknown unsafe situations.

METRON - Energy management and optimization system

Reach your sustainability goals with energy transparency. Monitor carbon footprint and optimize energy costs of industrial companies in real time.

Capgemini - Industrial Metaverse Remote Collaboration

Collaborative work between different locations on industrial environments: using immersive and ROS interfaces on a cloud basis to synchronize industrial means operations at distance.

Aldo - The Footprint Tracker

Aldo is an eco-friendly residential footprint monitor. Aldo provides real-time consumption and generates recommendations for energy reduction. Improve your domestic carbon footprint with smart home technology and machine learning.

Industry 4.0 Model Factory

The Industry 4.0 Model Factory shows how the manufacturing industry is digitally transforming their operations. It shows how manufacturers are leveraging AWS to detect quality defects, failure events, and optimising processes with the us of real-time analysis of data and machine learning (ML). 

IoT enhanced situational awareness

In the context of disaster response, the initial step taken by responders is to identify and locate life. Only then are they able to communicate with potential rescuees to identify needs and respond appropriately. Identifying and locating life from aerial imagery is not always feasible. See how AWS is leveraged to capture data and detect human activity from unattended ground sensors in disconnected environments.

Edge safari

Embrace the challenge to find all AWS Edge Devices present at the summit! This scavenger hunt will take you through all places in the summit as you embark on a quest to find all AWS Edge Devices hidden in various places.

Asset condition monitoring with SAP

Our industrial customers have long asked for a better way to get industrial sensor data to the cloud, and for a way to obtain actionable business value from their data. Get up and running reliably within days by integrating SAP with an AWS serverless architecture.


How can customers leverage computer vision, IoT, Robotics, and analytics to improve production quality? Watch how the Manufacturing@Scale conveyer belt and robot arm uses all of these technologies and leverages AWS to track the quality of different stacks of cards.

Windracer energy kit

Real-time energy data is notoriously challenging to unlock: a task complicated by disparate equipment, sensors, device protocols, remote site latency, and the challenge of data silos. Watch how AWS can visualize Industrial IoT data from physical wind turbines represented in a real-time digital twin. 

Boundless shelf

How can retail organizations detect customers and their interactions with products in a physical retail store? With a cloud-connected, AI/ML-enabled shelf! Watch how the boundless shelf uses AWS’ AI/ML capabilities to detect when products are picked up.

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