Agenda overview

When: March 31, 2022
Where: The Egg Brussels, Rue Bara straat 175, 1070 Brussels, Belgium

Morning Agenda

8:00AM - 9:00AM: Registration and breakfast
9:00AM - 9:50AM: Breakout sessions
10:00AM - 10:50AM: Breakout sessions
10:50AM - 11:15AM: Break
11:15AM - 12:15PM: Keynote

Afternoon Agenda

12:15PM - 1:15PM: Lunch
1:15PM - 2:05PM: Breakout sessions
2:15PM - 3:05PM: Breakout sessions
3:05PM - 3:30PM: Break
3:30PM - 4:20PM: Breakout sessions
4:20PM - 6:00PM: Networking reception

Explore sessions by level

  • Accelerate digital transformation in regulated industries with Deloitte

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Innovation, Security, Management & Compliance, Digital Transformation
    Session ID: NEW104-S
    Time: 13:15

    Highly regulated industries such as governments and banks often feel constrained when implementing cloud-based solutions. Using the Deloitte AWS implemented risk and compliance framework, these industries are able to get most out of the cloud while being compliant with their regulatory needs. Learn how Deloitte is working with clients to accelerate their transformation to the cloud.

    Speaker(s): Bram De Schouwer, Cloud Engineering Director at Deloitte, Robbert Van der Pol, Cloud Risk Managament Director at Deloitte.

    Get started with AWS Cloud essentials

    Type: Breakout session 
    Topic: Compute, Training & Certification, Digital Transformation
    Session ID: NEW101
    Time: 09:00

    Explore the foundations of getting started in the AWS Cloud. In this session, learn about AWS Cloud architecture and services in the compute, storage, database, networking and security categories. This session builds and validates an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud and key terminology, and advances your AWS Cloud skills.

    Speaker(s): Olga Posopkina, Technical Trainer at AWS.


    Type: Keynote
    Topic: Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Security, Management & Compliance, Open Data, Workforce Development
    Session ID: KEY101
    Time: 11:15

    Join Max Peterson, Vice President of AWS WWPS, and Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz, Vice President of WWPS EMEA Sales, as they discuss the accelerated innovation around the globe and provide an outlook on the opportunities ahead. In this address, Max and Isabella will highlight the latest advancements as our customers continue to push boundaries and address some of the biggest challenges for all people and our planet. The speakers will explain how AWS’s dedication to data privacy and protection, sustainability, and workforce development is helping our customers deliver mission-critical outcomes. Featured customer speakers — Kirsten Schuijt, CEO, WWF Netherlands; Philippe Merle, chairman of the Cloud Council of the European Commission; and Jeroen Minnaert, chief architect and head of data, Showpad — will also join the stage to share their success stories.

    Speaker(s): Philippe Merle, Chairman of the Cloud Council at European Commission, Kirsten Schuijt, CEO at WWF Netherlands, Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Architect and Head of Data at Showpad, Max Peterson, Vice President at AWS WWPS, Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz, Vice President EMEA Sales, at AWS WWPS.

    Optimize cloud infrastructure with FinOps and GreenOps

    Type: Expo theater
    Topic: Cloud Economics, Business Solutions, Sustainability
    Session ID:EXPO5-S
    Time: 14:45

    FinOps and GreenOps bring financial and environmental accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud, and drive intelligent trade-offs to deliver maximum value that goes beyond cost optimization to leverage your cloud spend for more revenue and faster growth. By bridging the growing gap between IT innovation, finance, and procurement, you only spin up what you need to maximize cost efficiency. Learn how efficient cloud infrastructure optimizes financial growth as well as the growing ecological footprint of cloud environments.

    Speaker(s): Benjamin van der Maas, FinOps Practice Lead at Cloudar

    Reinventing without a roadmap

    Type: Breakout session 
    Topic: Digital Transformation
    Session ID: NEW102
    Time: 10:00

    Discover how culture, leadership, and technology enable organizations to be more resilient by making customer-obsessed, agile decisions. This session highlights AWS customer KBC Group to explore the issues that business and IT leaders must keep in mind to successfully transform their companies. Discover the relevancy of your organizational Bureaucracy Mass Index (BMI) and see how leaders in a post-pandemic world remove obstacles in their digital transformation journey.

    Speaker(s): Jo Vanackere, Enterprise Architect at KBC Group, Thomas Blood, Digital Innovation Leader at AWS.

    Twin digital & green transition: Build a sustainable future with AI

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
    Session ID: NEW103
    Time: 15:30

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can help reduce our carbon footprint and develop solutions to address climate change. From the beginning, AWS has focused on addressing sustainability and enabling our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. In this session, learn about policy initiatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and how they support the twin green and digital transition. Hear how the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) harnesses AWS technology to build an AI-powered and sustainable future.

    Speaker(s): Eva Maydell, Member at the European Parliament, David Jensen, Coordinator, Digital Transformation Task Force at United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Judith Ament, Product Owner Forest Foresight at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Cécile Huet (PhD), Head of Unit, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Excellence at the European Commission, Christopher Wellise, Director Sustainability at AWS.

  • AWS Well-Architected Framework for sustainability

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Sustainability, Open Data
    Session ID: EXP204 
    Time: 10:00

    AWS focuses on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure. Builders accelerate workload sustainability through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session dives deeper into techniques recommended by the sustainability pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides direction for reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. The session also covers user patterns, software design, and AWS service considerations. These guidelines apply to workloads for AWS customers of any size.

    Speaker(s): Jeroen Cox, Strategic Lead Energy & Environment, Technology Office and Energy & Environment at KPN, Margaret O'Toole, EMEA Lead Sustainability SA at AWS, Mateo Dugand, Sustainability Regional Lead EMEA at AWS.

    Build and scale containerized applications on AWS

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Serverless & Containers, Infrastructure, Security, Management & Compliance
    Session ID: EXP205
    Time: 14:15

    Easily manage your underlying infrastructure with AWS container services, whether on premises or in the cloud. Focus on innovation and business needs, and learn how you can build and scale your container applications in the AWS cloud. Explore possible ways of scaling your clusters and applications while accounting for metrics and dimensions. Hear the story of the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) in the Netherlands; Radboudumc has built a global, scalable, low-latency, and secure machine-learning medical imaging analysis platform on AWS, primarily around containers.

    Speaker(s): James Meakin, Lead Research Software Engineer at Radboud University Medical Center, Nikiforos Botis, Solutions Architect at AWS

    CCASE: The Contact Centre Analytics Service Experience

    Type: Expo theater
    : Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Business Solutions, Innovation
    Session ID: EXP01-S
    Time: 13:25

    To better understand customer queries, minimise call transfers, and improve both the customer experience and the productivity of your contact centre, Data Reply developed CCASE. CCASE is a Contact Centre “accelerator” that relies on AI-powered service to provide automated quality and enhance the service experience for customers, managers, and agents. Learn how agents can have real-time call quality monitoring, transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic extraction while managers can be alerted in real time to calls at risk. Agents have visibility of context, enabling a proactive action to resolve issues and avoid bad call outcomes.

    Speaker(s): Linda Bano, Senior Consultant at Data Reply.

    Get rolling with ML on AWS DeepRacer

    Type: Workshop
    Topic: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, AWS DeepRacer
    Session ID: USE201 and USE202
    Time(s): 09:00, 13:15

    Developers, start your engines! At this workshop for all skill levels, get hands on with AWS DeepRacer and get started with reinforcement learning (RL), an advanced machine learning (ML) technique. Dive into the AWS DeepRacer console to build an RL model for an autonomous driving application. Take your model from classroom to track and compete for prizes and glory!

    Speaker(s): David Smith, Solutions Architect, AI Devices at AWS, Fernando Gamero, Solutions Architect at AWS.

    How AWS is helping EU customers navigate the new normal for data protection

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Security, Management & Compliance, Innovation
    Session ID: NEW201 
    Time: 13:15

    Achieving compliance with the EU’s data protection regulations is critical. Many customers have strict requirements to uphold the right to individual privacy and protect personal data. In this session, learn how to easily complete data-transfer assessments, as well as comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and implement European Data Protection Board (EDPB) recommendations. Discover how AWS is continually strengthening commitments to protect customer data in the EU.

    Speaker(s): Orlando Scott-Cowley, Worldwide Public Sector Security Lead, EMEA at AWS.

    Optimize end-user experience and security with AWS edge networking services

    Type: Chalk talk
    Topic: Infrastructure
    Session ID: EXP207
    Time: 10:00

    Edge networking services help extend benefits of the AWS global infrastructure to improve end-user experience and security of applications. This enables companies, from startups to enterprises, to scale their applications globally. In this chalk talk, dive into the fundamentals of AWS edge networking with Amazon CloudFront, AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon Route 53, AWS WAF, and AWS Shield. 

    Speaker(s): Andrew Langhorn, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, Rohan Raizada, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS.

    Practical guide to incident response on AWS with NXP

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Security, Management & Compliance
    Session ID: EXP201
    Time: 09:00

    Learn how organisations can leverage native AWS tools, including AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager and AWS Security Hub, to start automating their incident response. Take practical steps to go from a manual to semi-automated to fully automated incident response. Hear NXP share their incident response journey on AWS.

    Speaker(s): Joris Hermans, Enterprise Cloud Architect at NXP Semiconductors, Louay Shaat, Sr Specialist SA, Security at AWS, Rebecca Meads, Security Consultant, WWPS Professional Services at AWS.

    Reinvent your business for the future with AWS analytics

    Type: Chalk talk
    Topic: Data & Analytics
    Session ID: EXP206
    Time: 09:00

    The next wave of digital transformation will push organisations to be data driven. Data allows for quick decision making and enables organisations to gain faster and deeper insights to serve their customers. Join this session to learn the current state of analytics on AWS and how you can put your data to work, focusing on the latest service innovations. Learn best practices on how to use the best of both data lakes and purpose-built data stores, and discover how AWS can help you build new experiences and reimagine old processes with modern data architecture.

    Speaker(s): Natasha McCann, Solutions Architect at AWS, Shana Schipers, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS.

    Satisfy ITOps, finance, and developers with VMware

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Cloud Economics, Digital Transformation, Modern Applications
    Session ID: USE105-S
    Time: 15:30

    With VMware, accelerate your application modernization initiatives and path to the cloud while controlling costs, operations, and compliance requirements with consistent infrastructure and operations. Learn how to securely build, run, and manage modern and existing applications on a container-based development platform, orchestrated by Kubernetes (K8s), while simplifying ITOps with full-stack observability. Also, learn how to migrate and scale your apps, services, and workloads to and from your on-premises and cloud infrastructure—simplifying financial management, streamlining operations, and strengthening security.

    Speaker(s): Gilles Chekroun, Lead Cloud Solution Architect at VMware, Dieter Hubau, Lead Solution Engineer at VMware.

    Simplify cloud governance with AWS Control Tower

    Type: Breakout session
    : Infrastructure
    Session ID: EXP203
    Time: 13:15

    Discover the benefits of AWS Control Tower and AWS Organizations. In this session, learn how to enable cloud governance efficiently using AWS Control Tower and how a multi-account structure can be governed under one roof. 

    Speaker(s): Ivar Janmaat, Team Leader, HPC Cloud at SURF Research Cloud, Efoe Sassou, Marketplace Migration Specialist at AWS, Oscar Carrasquero, Sr. Specialist SA at AWS.

    Solve customer challenges using AI & ML

    Type: Breakout session
    : Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), IoT
    Session ID: USE205
    Time: 10:00

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) add many powerful benefits to your applications, but may seem daunting and difficult to navigate without data science skills. With AWS AI/ML services, you benefit from AI and ML capabilities, and there’s no need to develop your own models. In this session, learn how easy it is to integrate image recognition, personalisation and natural language processing (NLP) into your applications using AI and ML.

    Speaker(s): Mateusz Bedkowski, Software Develop at Ryanair, Laura Hyatt, Solutions Architect at AWS.

    Top 3 essentials for a successful cloud adoption

    Type: Expo theater
    : Digital Transformation, Migration, Security, Management & Compliance
    Session ID: EXP02-S
    Time: 13:45

    In the last few years, companies have embraced IT modernization and migrated to the cloud. Some who migrate, however, make mistakes and encounter unexpected difficulties. During our decade-plus of cloud computing, Sentia has worked with many organisations as they transitioned to the cloud. In this session, learn our best practices and zoom-in on topics such as cloud migration, cloud center of excellence (CCOE), compliancy, governance, security, AWS Control Tower, and cloud landing zones—all demonstrated by real-life examples.

    Speaker(s): Mirco Wienen, Sentia Consulting CTO at Sentia, Konstantinos Bessas, AWS Partner Ambassador and Leading Cloud Architect at Sentia.

  • Accelerate launching highly-regulated workloads on AWS

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Security, Management & Compliance
    Session ID: USE303
    Time: 14:15

    Introducing AWS Platform Accelerator, a new open-source AWS solution from Worldwide Public Sector (WWPS) Professional Services that accelerates the implementation of a customer’s technical security controls and infrastructure foundation on AWS. Learn how to securely and rapidly build, test, and launch critical AWS IT systems to meet stringent compliance requirements, and find out how to use AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) to deploy a scalable solution that secures hundreds of accounts across multiple regions, all through a common AWS CDK code base. Hear how the Greek State prioritizes the digitalization of the country with a cloud-first approach.

    Speaker(s): Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General of Information Systems, Ministry of Digital Governanace of the Hellenic Republic at Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, Randy Domingo, Principal Engineer at AWS, Dustin Hickey, Sr Systems Dev Engineer at AWS.

    Architect a multi-tenant SaaS application like Showpad in AWS Cloud

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Modern Applications, Serverless & Containers
    Session ID: USE302
    Time: 15:30

    When you transform your application into the software as a service (SaaS) model it not only changes your business to a subscription-based delivery model, it also impacts your architecture. While leveraging a multi-tenant deployment model and containerization helps drive down cost and improve scalability, the outcome always depends on the choices you make for your infrastructure and application. In this session, learn about those choices and the implications of decisions on costs, security, scalability, and performance. Explore what AWS has to offer and discover how Showpad uses AWS Well-Architected design principals with their SaaS application.

    Speaker(s): Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Software Architect, at Showpad, Vincent Lesierse, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS, Roma Goswami, Solutions Architect at AWS.

    Build a DevOps shared platform on AWS

    Type: Chalk talk
    Topic: Modern Applications, DevOps
    Session ID: USE307
    Time: 14:15

    Scale DevOps across your organisations with a shared platform. In this chalk talk, learn the benefits and explore various considerations for application team onboarding, such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines creation, compliant infrastructure as code, and multi-cloud deployments. Learn how to include dynamic/static security, chaos engineering, or continuous assessment tools in the shared platform to improve resiliency. Lastly, use AWS Observability to measure metrics, including service level indicators and service level objectives (SLIs/SLOs), on your shared platform.

    Speaker(s): Panna Shetty, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS, Serge Poueme, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS.

    Build a zero-trust architecture on AWS

    Type: Chalk talk
    Topic: Security, Management & Compliance
    Session ID: USE308
    Time: 15:30

    Learn how to implement a zero-trust architecture for your confidential workloads and cloud access. In this chalk talk, you dive into three different scenarios with practical examples on building zero trust by leveraging identity, network, and VPC controls. The scenarios cover service-to-service communication, workforce privilege access, and external third-party access.

    Speaker(s): Louay Shaat, Sr. Specialist SA, Security at AWS.

    Design secure protection environments with Veeam and AWS

    Type: Expo theater
    Topic: Disaster Recovery, AWS Partner Network
    Session ID: EXP03-S
    Time: 14:05

    Organizations need an air-tight strategy when protecting themselves from threats, incidents, and cyberattacks like ransomware. Hear why secure backup is your last line of defense, and learn security best practices in hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments. See what Veeam and AWS are doing to help you secure your data.

    Speaker(s): Stijn Marivoet, Systems Engineer at Veeam Software.

    Develop geospatial data lakes on AWS with Sinergise

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Storage, Data & Analytics, Open Data
    Session ID: USE304
    Time: 14:15

    An unprecedented surge in space exploration interests and the advancement of technology in mission control, satellite manufacturing, and launch systems have made geospatial data easily accessible. Many customers see the need for geospatial analytics in different applications, such as precision agriculture, carbon footprint monitoring, land use, and container vessel monitoring. In this session, learn how to build highly scalable and resilient data lakes to store, process, and analyse your geospatial data using AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Athena, and AWS Glue. Learn how to gather insights from your geospatial data using Sinergise’s scalable and advanced set of tools and APIs.

    Speaker(s): Grega Milcinski, CEO at Sinergise, Ajit Rajdeosingh, Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS, Ankita Gavali, Solutions Architect at AWS. 

    Modernize from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL: The easy way

    Type: Chalk talk
    Topic: Microsoft, Databases
    Session ID: USE306
    Time: 13:15

    Migrating from legacy SQL Server databases is time consuming and resource intensive. Babelfish extends your Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition database with the ability to accept database connections from SQL Server clients. Join this chalk talk to learn how SQL Server applications work directly with Aurora PostgreSQL with few code changes compared to traditional migration and without changing database drivers.

    Speaker(s): Alexander Dragunov, Sr. Partner SA Microsoft at AWS, Prasad Rao, Sr. Partner SA Microsoft at AWS.

    Optimize Amazon SageMaker deployment strategies

    Type: Breakout session
    Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
    Session ID: USE301
    Time: 09:00

    High-performance and cost-effective model deployment strategies help maximize your organisation's ML investments. Learn about different deployment options and strategies using Amazon SageMaker, including optimized infrastructure choices; real-time, asynchronous, and batch inferences; multi-container endpoints; multi-model endpoints; auto scaling; model monitoring; and CI/CD integration for your ML workloads. Discover how to choose a better inference option for your ML use case, and hear from Docebo about how they leverage Amazon SageMaker and AWS AI services for fast, low-latency, and scalable ML deployment.

    Speaker(s): Alberto Galimberti, Product Manager at Docebo, Will Badr, Principal AI/ML Specialist SA at AWS, Larissa Becka, Sr. Specialist BDM AIML DACH at AWS.

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