AWS Summit Stockholm FAQs

AWS Summit Stockholm 2024 has ended, but you can still watch some of the sessions on-demand by registering for the AWS Summit EMEA - On-Demand Hub.

Interested in attending in person next year? Mark your calendar for AWS Summit Stockholm 2025, happening on Wednesday, June 4, 2025.


  • The AWS Summit Stockholm is open to anyone business and technical leaders, solution architects, developers, data scientists, IT Pro’s and more who are interested in learning about Amazon Web Services (AWS), regardless of their experience level in cloud. Whether you are a new or experienced user, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills from attending the event. The keynote, technical sessions, and hands-on training, business sessions are designed to educate attendees on best practices for deploying applications, optimizing performance, monitoring cloud resources, managing security, cutting costs, digital transformation and more. Sessions are tuned from startups, and small and medium businesses to the largest enterprises and institutions. Attendees will also have opportunities to network, meet with AWS staff and partners to get their business and technical questions answered.

  • At the AWS Summit Stockholm, you will learn about the latest cloud developments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and best practices for using the platform. You will gain in-depth knowledge on migrating to cloud, deploying applications, optimizing performance, monitoring cloud resources, data and machine learning, managing security, cutting costs, IoT, robotics, digital transformation and more. You can also explore demos and meet experts on the latest trends in technology, such as generative AI. Additionally, with the guidance of AWS Industry experts, explore how you can advance your cloud journey and hear the latest news and technologies through an industry lens. You will have the opportunity to attend hands-on technical training sessions and meet with AWS staff and partners to network and get your technical or business questions answered. Sessions start from beginner in cloud to advanced deep dives.

  • Your AWS Summit Stockholm registration includes access to the keynote, all breakout sessions including Hands-on Labs Workshops, and the AWS Summit Expo. Meals offered include light breakfast, lunch and snacks.

  • Registration for the AWS Summit Stockholm is free.

  • You may cancel your Summit registration by contacting the event team. Note, your ticket will be cancelled, but you will not receive a confirmation of cancellation by email.

  • No pre-registration is required for breakout sessions and Hands-on Labs. Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-seated basis at the event.

  • No, but there is a Scandic Hotel right next to Stockholmsmässan. 


Accessibility & Special Requirements

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