AWS Summit New York Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 | Jacob Javits Convention Center

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Meet the Speakers

Ready to build the next digital transformation? Join Dr. Matt Wood, VP for AI Products, AWS, as he unveils the latest launches and technical innovations from AWS. Peer into the future with product demonstrations and real-world success stories from AWS customers. Imagine what's possible when you put powerful tools in the hands of millions of builders.

Dr. Wood, Will, Daniela and Brad will explain how AWS will democratize the next phase of AI and empower builders to transform nearly every type of customer experience. Whether you're an established enterprise or a fast-growing startup, this keynote will provide valuable insights into how generative AI, developer tooling, and foundational infrastructure are coming together to change what's possible. Discover where technological trends are going, how AWS is leading the way with secure and scalable solutions, and why it's never been a better time to be a builder.

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Dr. Matt Wood

VP for AI Products, AWS

Matt is the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence products at AWS. In this role, he works closely with customers, partners, and internal AWS teams to drive effective use of AI across every industry. Matt has been at Amazon for 14 years, and has worked across the cloud business (including helping to launch Lambda, Kinesis, SageMaker, DeepRacer, Athena, and EMR), with a special focus on data, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

His passion is working with AWS customers (such as the NFL, Cerner, Intuit, Pinterest, GE, FINRA, Celgene, and NASA) to bring their ideas to life. Before joining Amazon, Matt attended medical school in the UK, completed a PhD in machine learning, and was post- doctoral fellow at Cornell University.

Speaker's Name

Will McQueen

VP, Head of Crop Science Data Assets & Analytics, Bayer Crop Science

Will McQueen is the Head of CS Global Data Assets for Bayer Crop Science. In this role, Will is responsible for driving the strategy and delivery of data across Crop Science through strong partnerships with R&D, Product Supply, the Commercial Organization, and Digital Farming Solutions.

Will and his team are tasked with building enterprise data assets and data science technical platforms that are foundational to the Crop Science Strategy. This includes architecting solutions to deliver the Crop Protection and Seed & Trait pipeline more efficiently with advanced analytics. The team also has ownership over several key platforms including but not limited to the Product Platforms and Digital Farming initiatives that enable scalability for the Crop Science Business.

Will brings experience in different roles within the Bayer Crop Science IT Organization including experience working with early Pipeline Plant Biotech, Regulatory organization with a focus on compliance, and the Market Development organization working on solutions to enable scale after product launch through digital transformation efforts. Will also led initiatives including software development projects focused on enabling business capabilities in market crop protection product platform lead.

Will holds a BA degree in MIS from the University of Memphis. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and their 4 children.

Brad Peterson

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer, Nasdaq

Brad Peterson currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer (CTO/CIO) for Nasdaq.

Before Nasdaq, he served as CIO and EVP for Schwab Technology Services (STS), responsible for Schwab’s technology innovation, development, infrastructure andoperations. While leading Schwab’s technology enterprise, Brad also was responsiblefor Project Services (which covered the planning, coordination and financialmanagement of all company-wide projects) and Offshore Services (leveraging third-party offshore capabilities whenever appropriate).

Brad served as CIO at eBay for five years. He was the Managing Director and ChiefOperating Officer (COO) at Epoch Securities after its merger with Goldman SachsGroup, Inc. He also has held senior executive positions at companies including Epoch Partners, Schwab, Pacific Bell Wireless and Pacific Telesis (now part of AT&T).

He earned his master's degree in management at MIT Sloan School of Managementand a bachelor's degree in systems science and economics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Daniela Amodei

President and Co-Founder, Anthropic

Daniela Amodei is President and co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company. Daniela manages the senior leadership team, leveraging her people and management experience to further the company's goal of building reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. Before co-founding Anthropic in 2020, she was VP of Safety and Policy at OpenAI, and managed People and Research engineering teams prior. Before that she was part of the early team at Stripe, where she managed recruiting and later led risk operations. She previously worked in international development and served as a congressional staffer.

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