AON PathWise®

Financial modelling made fast and easy with AON's managed service

AON PathWise® can be rapidly deployed on AWS

PathWise® is a GPU-based and scalable high performance computing risk management solution. Insurers (and re-insurers), banks, and pension funds can address today’s key challenges such as hedge strategy testing, regulatory and economic forecasting, and budgeting. PathWise® enables risk management, reporting, valuation, economic scenarios, pricing, and hedging of a wide range of financial products.

AON is an AWS Partner and has achieved AWS Financial Services Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

Solution highlights

Financial institutions can successfully navigate today’s rapidly changing regulatory and reporting requirements, while accessing the computational power necessary to more accurately model market-consistent risk calculations

Reduce the calculation time for pricing & hedging , valuation, and planning (SoS), from days to only a few hours by leveraging the full power of high performance GPU grids on AWS, allowing business users to focus more on analysis and less on waiting for results 

Decrease costs by streamlining complex and error-prone processes with a single integrated and automated enterprise business platform designed for valuation, pricing, hedging, and ALM, which includes scenario and report generation as well as big data warehousing 

Adapt rapidly to the latest regulatory and reporting requirements, and shorten the cycle for new product development in a flexible and fully customizable enterprise risk management system

Eliminate the need for inaccurate shortcuts and assumptions, such as the use of condensed model points and curve fitting, with powerful computational power and scalability

Enhance risk management by examining model logic and past revisions in a transparent and intuitive model repository environment

Leverage off-the-shelf model libraries for assumption management, risk-neutral and real world economic scenarios, assets and liabilities, portfolio projection, and IFRS 17 for quick project onboarding  

Launch solution

As a managed service provider and AWS Partner, AON helps enterprises set up infrastructure for running PathWise® applications.

PathWise® can perform a POC in two months and prove the performance gain for a complex product.

PathWise® can provide a free trial sandbox environment for core applications such as PathWise® Modelling Studio and PathWise® Analytics Studio.

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