Intellect Xponent on AWS

Intellect Xponent redefines underwriting

Intellect Xponent is an AI-based underwriting workstation developed to transform the way commercial lines are underwritten today. By bringing in the latest exponential technologies to insurance, Xponent provides underwriters an effective and efficient way to assess the impact of risk. It is also creates a faster and seamless experience for agents to retrieve status of applications and a quick turnaround time for customers. A core component of Intellect Xponent is Intellect Risk Analyst an AI-based risk discovery and assessment software.

Intellect Risk Analyst is available as a standalone product or a module of Intellect Xponent.

Intellect Design Arena is an AWS Financial Services Competency partner. 

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    Solution highlights:

    Helps in business growth and business expansion

    • Increase renewal retention
    • Convert more new business
    • Increase in agent productivity
    • Increase cross-sell, upsell, and pro-active marketing opportunities
    • Create new products and coverages to new segments
    • Launch new direct channels and reduce commissions
    Reduces operating cost
    • Go from manual, paper-based to automated underwriting
    • Digitize processes or eliminate redudant processes
    • Underwriters benefit from not just aggregating data but making strategic decisions
    Reduces loss ratio
    • Improve underwriting decisions for new business with new rating and underwriting factors
    • Optimize renewal book with sharper underwriting factors
    • Increase agent productivity
    Enhances broker and customer experience
    • Reduce policy issuance time
    • Experience instant response with real-time collaboration
    • Deliver proactive advice on coverage adequacy
    Ensures consistency and compliance
    • Ensure consistent application of rules
    • Have a full audit trail of every interaction and decision in one system
    • Track deviation on premium

    Key features:

    Advanced risk analysis

    • Detailed risk assessment of a business, locations, and its owners delivers dramatic improvements to the underwriting loss ratio

    Real-time collaboration

    • Underwriters, brokers, and experts have easy and quick exchanges of information through news feeds, chats, social media, and audit trails

    Configurable workflows

    • User groups are assigned work based on pre-built work management algorithms
    • Automated underwriting for simple and complex cases go to the right people at the right time

    360° account view 

    • Gain a complete view of accounts-credit, OHS, contacts, line of business performance, quotes, policies, claims and billing
    • Proactively market products and assess accounts for renewal

    Intuitive dashboard

    • Simplify user experience and operational and financial reports against key performance metrics
    • Receive alert and notifications if targets are at risk


    • Assign work to different user groups based on pre-built work management algorithms
    • Implement an out-of-the-box, quote-to issuance workflow, while retaining the ability to customize the solution to your requirements


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