NICE Actimize Essentials

Guard against money laundering and other financial crimes

NICE Actimize Essentials can be rapidly deployed on AWS

At NICE Actimize, the goal is to help community and regional financial institutions optimize their approach to financial crime management by integrating anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and fraud prevention capabilities on a single cloud-based platform.

NICE Actimize is an AWS Partner and has achieved AWS Financial Services Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

Solution highlights

Increase synergy and operational efficiency, lower costs, and address emerging threats and industry changes 

Intelligent analytics: Technology such as advanced analytics and anomaly detection can improve alert quality and significantly reduce false positives

Comprehensive coverage against financial crime: Proactively manage end-to-end AML and fraud risks by intelligently and efficiently correlating financial crime activities to help support cost-effective operations and a positive, holistic customer experience

Collaborative investigative tool: Our Detection and Research Tool (DART) uses the solution’s collaboration and analysis features to enable self-service investigations

Integrated case management: Investigate and prepare cases from a single interface with role-based dashboard views and integrated workflow management, which provides efficient alert management, ad-hoc investigation, management reporting, and full audit tracking

Rapid deployment: NICE Actimize Essentials offers organizations several out-of-the-box detection analytics and tuning tools built with industry best practices, helping to accelerate solution deployments

Actimize Essentials policy manager: Create new detection rules with a simple and intuitive interface that allows for quick responses to new regulatory changes and new types of AML and fraud attacks

Nice Actimize AML Essentials

Key features

Beat the silo-based approach with complete integration, greater transparency, and centralized information sharing

Consistent risk management: Essentials offers end-to-end financial crime prevention on a single, integrated core risk platform, creating consistent processes across the whole program and offering a broad view of risk

Detection rate: NICE Actimize helps to lower false positives and provides a detection rate greater than 80 percent with a unique combination of out-of-the-box rules and advanced anomaly detection

Model governance made easy: This solution provides deep visibility and transparency into detection logic and risk scoring techniques of AML and fraud models, saving many hours of defending models to the regulators

Holistic view of risk: Essentials unifies data and intelligence from financial crime, risk, and compliance processes to present comprehensive stories for faster and more precise resolution

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