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The breadth of coverage that AWS Security Hub provides was a key benefit as Siemens built out its security infrastructure in the cloud.

“Pulling data individually from each source and doing our own correlations was difficult. Migrating to AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty gave us a central view into that data, which was very desirable.”

Scott Schwartz, Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Siemens

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Southwest Airlines

Using AWS Security Hub, various teams at Southwest—including the security operations center, threat intelligence team, incident responders, and application teams—can achieve high visibility into Southwest’s security posture. The solution reduced the time and labor required to implement over 350 automated security controls, and Southwest achieves high adherence to the associated security control objectives, which comprise its security posture.

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Swiss Post

Swiss Post

For monitoring, the Swiss Post security operations team uses AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty, in conjunction with the existing on-premises Splunk environment, to get an aggregated view of the whole dynamic account landscape.

“Our security operations team can fine-tune event sensors, which are distributed throughout the account landscape, via a single configuration repository, and get instant alerts about severe security events. AWS ticks all the boxes.”

Michael Ullrich, Solution Architect - Swiss Post

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Panasonic Avionics

The backbone of the company’s security monitoring is AWS Security Hub, which provides a comprehensive view of security alerts from across AWS accounts so that the cybersecurity operations team at Panasonic Avionics can organize and prioritize response actions in one place.

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Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen uses AWS Organizations to implement AWS Security Hub, a service that provides a comprehensive view of security alerts and security posture across AWS accounts so that account owners have centralized access to security threats and findings. Using AWS Organizations to activate AWS Security Hub and other organization-level services, Volkswagen further reduced its overall account provisioning time by an additional 15–20 minutes per batch. It can also detect threats at the time of account creation, improving security. When the system detects a threat, its findings flow into Volkswagen’s Splunk security information and event management instance, alerting Volkswagen’s security operations center (SOC) to act.

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To monitor and report on HelloSign’s AWS security posture, the company uses AWS Security Hub, which aggregates all its security findings and performs security best-practice checks across its AWS deployment. This comprehensive view of security alerts and security posture helps support compliance. For example, HelloSign uses the ability of Amazon Macie to assist in detecting PII and payment card information alongside the comprehensive security posture checks of AWS Security Hub to meet Center for Internet Security benchmarks and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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Global attribution leader AppsFlyer provides marketing analytics services to more than 12,000 customers worldwide—including leading brands like Macy's, Nike, NBCUniversal, and Wayfair—that want to measure the success of their marketing campaigns to promote their brands’ mobile apps.

“On AWS Security Hub, we are detecting when some buckets are inadvertently made public, resources are not configured properly, or security groups are opened to the world. Proactively knowing this makes our lives so much simpler.”

Michael Kolotov, Security Operations Team Leader - AppsFlyer

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Digital Partners

Digital Partners

To help it achieve compliance, Digital Partners uses AWS Security Hub, which gives users a comprehensive view of security alerts and security postures across their AWS accounts. By consolidating its cloud environment on AWS, the company set up a more secure, modern architecture to power its offerings.

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To manage multiple production accounts, MAGO has adopted AWS Security Hub, which provides a single-pane view of its security posture across all AWS accounts.

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