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“Not every application that we help support and develop requires wide public access. Applications we build are expected to be secure and protected when they are in the cloud. AWS Verified Access has reduced the configuration overhead for our team by providing a unified ingress point where we can manage access policies instead of infrastructure. Moving authentication off the application layer, we have been able to standardize and secure our private applications and expedite new development.”

Tony Witherspoon, AWS US Firm CTO, Deloitte

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"With a few clicks in the AWS console, my team can set up AWS Verified Access, define policies, and onboard applications in minutes. Our IT admins can easily integrate Verified Access without existing third-party identity and device management services. We can now onboard applications by attaching them to groups, making the onboarding process faster and simplifying policy management for applications with similar security requirements. Users can then simply access their applications from a web browser using the internet."

Ben Vu, Sr. Director Software Engineering, AI/ML, Analytics, Glidewell Laboratories

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"Delivering secure access to our applications from anywhere is crucial to the fast-paced and lean operation of our business. Being a remote team from day one, we relied on traditional solutions like VPN to ensure that each new application had the proper access policies. This incurred high setup and operation cost in addition to being user unfriendly. Now, we can onboard a new application to AWS Verified Access in minutes, and all the correct user access permissions get applied. Our team saves days of time, and I’m more confident that our applications get deployed with increased security."

Amit Biswas, Chief Security Officer, Meow

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"One of our primary technical objectives is to optimize the user experience while steadfastly upholding zero-trust principles. As new business requirements emerged, we felt compelled to position our corporate applications at the network's edge. With Verified Access, our Security and Technical engineers were able to provision zero-trust-based access to corporate applications in just minutes, without using VPNs. Verified Access allowed us to tackle the crucial challenge of aligning essential service delivery with user experience enhancement, all without compromising our strict zero-trust policies."

Eric Ellis, AVP Enterprise Cloud Technology, Avalon Healthcare Solutions

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