Detailed explanation of charges

The AWS Bills page helps you understand what your organization was charged and why. View your monthly AWS charges by service, AWS Region, and member account. You can also view rate and usage details to see exactly how your charges were calculated, and view details of your discounts, credits, refunds, and taxes.

Access to historical and estimated charges

The AWS Bills page is available for billing periods from the beginning of your account’s history. For monthly billing periods that haven’t closed yet, the Bills page shows the most recent estimated charges based on your service usage to date.

Consolidated view of charges

Users of AWS Organizations logged into a management account can view consolidated charges for all of their Organization’s member accounts. Use the charges by account tab to view account-level details. Users of AWS Billing Conductor can create pro forma views of billing data to be displayed to their member accounts on the Bills page.

Supplemental documents, invoices, and data

Download invoice and tax documents for each billing period for accounts payable, compliance, and audit purposes. You can also export a PDF of your detailed charges, and opt-in to download a CSV of your billing data for further analysis.

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