General AWS Billing FAQs

Q: What can I do on the Bills page?

The Bills page provides a simple view of your monthly AWS charges. You can view and download invoice statements, view detailed line items with explanation of pricing and usage, and download a CSV of your charges for further analysis.

Q: How do I enable CSV download of my monthly charges?

To enable CSV download of your monthly charges, navigate to the Billing Preferences page in the Billing console. In the Detailed Billing Reports section, check the box to turn on the detailed billing reports. Click Configure to choose an existing S3 bucket to have these reports delivered to, or create a new S3 bucket. Click Save Preferences. Once you’ve enabled the reports, you can download these CSV files for any future billing periods.

Q: Can I have invoices emailed to me?

Yes. To receive a PDF version of your invoice, enable this option on the Billing Preferences page.

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